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By Neil Clark, Dougal Dixon

This consultant covers dinosaurs in encyclopaedic aspect with a distinct 32-page part delivering thousands of additional proof.

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That they had coarse, serrated edges and have been regularly an identical dimension. • Meat-eating dinosaurs had greatly spaced, tapered enamel. They have been finely serrated (like steak knives) and have been all of other sizes. • Ornithischians had grinding and reducing the teeth, so that they have been in a position to chunk their meals held of their cheeks. • Allosaurus had loosely articulated jaw bones, in order that it can expand its mouth and swallow large chunks of meat. This Tyrannosaurus skeleton basically indicates the meat-eater's deadly enamel. SOUND, imaginative and prescient, AND odor • within the prosauropods, the experience of odor was once particularly acute, as proven via the nerve passages within the cranium. • it really is idea that Troodon used to be capable of understand intensity in imaginative and prescient – a bonus to a quick hunter. • The tyrannosaurs had bones of their noses that elevated the world in their sinuses. this means a robust experience of scent. 158 L I F E S T Y L E S • The acoustics of the cranium of Tyrannosaurus recommend that it made a noise extra just like the croak of a frog than the roar of a lion. • it's suggestion that forest-dwelling dinosaurs may have made highpitched sounds that carried in the course of the bushes. those who lived at the plains can have made deep sounds that might hold alongside the floor. BRAINPOWER • we all know that many dinosaurs lived in herds through the presence of bone beds and footprint tracks. The brainpower of a dinosaur is envisioned through considering the load of the physique and the burden of the mind, and evaluating it with that of the trendy relative, the crocodile. this can be known as the encephalization quotient, or EQ. the bigger the EQ the higher the brainpower. general EQs are as follows: • the main well-known nesting website is that of the duckbill Maiasaura present in Montana within the Eighties. All phases of development have been came across, from eggs and hatchlings, to juveniles and adults. • it truly is tough to tell apart among female and male dinosaurs from their fossils. it truly is most likely that women have been greater than men and that men had extra flamboyant frills and crests. • A herd of sauropods could have moved in a formation that safe the younger through preserving them within the center. • Ceratopsians could have shaped a protecting ring round their little ones, with their horns pointing outward while risk threatened. CREATURE Sauropod Ankylosaur Stegosaur Ceratopsian Crocodile Ornithopod enormous theropod Small theropod EQ zero. 2 zero. fifty four zero. fifty eight zero. 7-0. nine 1. zero zero. 9-1. five 1. 0-1. nine five. eight L I F E S T Y L E S kin existence BIG-EYED HUNTER Troodon had very huge eyes and a comparatively colossal mind. it's suggestion that its stable imaginative and prescient and intelligence have been the secrets and techniques of its good fortune as a hunter. Scientists base this thought at the similarity of the optic nerve channels and mind situations of Troodon fossils with these of contemporary predatory creatures. 159 FA C T S D I N O S AU R DINOSAUR CONTROVERSIES EXTINCTION THEORIES there are numerous theories on why the dinosaurs died out. listed here are probably the most mostly held ones: • A meteorite or comet hit the Earth. The influence had a devastating influence, inflicting temporary phenomena akin to tidal waves and wildfires, in addition to long term alterations to the weather.

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