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By Anthony Toney

Full-page reproductions of drawings from the early fifteenth century to the tip of the 18th century, all fantastically reproduced: Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Dürer, Fragonard, Urs Graf, Wouwerman, many others. high-quality shopping e-book, version publication for artists.

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Under the Hammer: Iconoclasm in the Anglo-American Tradition (Clarendon Lectures in English)

Once we contemplate breaking pictures, we think that it occurs elsewhere. We additionally are inclined to reflect on iconoclasts as barbaric. Iconoclasts are humans just like the Taliban, who blew up Buddhist statues in 2001. We have a tendency, that's, to seem with horror on iconoclasm. This ebook argues as a substitute that iconoclasm is a principal strand of Anglo-American modernity.

Resisting Abstraction: Robert Delaunay and Vision in the Face of Modernism

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Domenico Ghirlandaio Plate 7. Francesco Francia Plate eight. Leonardo da Vinci Plate nine. Francesco Monsignori Plate 10. Raffaellino del Garbo Plate eleven. Bartolommeo Suardi, referred to as Bramantino Plate 12. Marco d’Oggiono Plate thirteen. Jan Gossaert Mabuse Plate 14. Albrecht Dürer Plate 15. Dürer Plate sixteen. Dürer Plate 17. Dürer Plate 18. Dürer Plate 19. Dürer Plate 20. Dürer Plate 21. Dürer Plate 22. Dürer Plate 23. Dürer Plate 24. Dürer Plate 25. Dürer Plate 26. Lukas Cranach the Lider Plate 27. Michelangelo Buonarroti Plate 28. Michelangelo Plate 29. Michelangelo Plate 30. Bernardino Luini Plate 31. Wolf Huber Plate 32. Jörg Breu the Elder Plate 33. Albrecht Altdorfer Plate 34. Hans Baidung, referred to as Grien Plate 35. Baidung Plate 36. Raffaele Santi (Raphael) Plate 37. Raphael Plate 38. Raphael Plate 39. Raphael Plate forty. Urs Graf Plate forty-one. Marco Basalti Plate forty two. François Clouet Plate forty three. Pieter Bruegel the Elder Plate forty four. Bruegel Plate forty five. Bruegel Plate forty six. Bruegel Plate forty seven. Bruegel Plate forty eight. Bruegel Plate forty nine. Bruegel Plate 50. Bruegel Plate fifty one. Bruegel Plate fifty two. Bruegel Plate fifty three. Bruegel Plate fifty four. Bruegel Plate fifty five. Peter Paul Rubens Plate fifty six. Rubens Plate fifty seven. Rubens Plate fifty eight. Rubens Plate fifty nine. Rubens Plate 60. Rubens Plate sixty one. Rubens Plate sixty two. Rubens Plate sixty three. Rubens Plate sixty four. Rubens Plate sixty five. Rubens Plate sixty six. Rubens Plate sixty seven. Rubens Plate sixty eight. Rubens Plate sixty nine. Rubens Plate 70. Jacques Callot Plate seventy one. Nicolas Poussin Plate seventy two. Jan van Goyen Plate seventy three. Anthonis van Dyck Plate seventy four. Van Dyck Plate seventy five. Van Dyck Plate seventy six. Van Dyck Plate seventy seven. Salomon van Ruisdael Plate seventy eight. Adriaen Brouwer Plate seventy nine. Kembrandt Harmensz van Rijn Plate eighty. Rembrandt Plate eighty one. Rembrandt Plate eighty two. Rembrandt Plate eighty three. Rembrandt Plate eighty four. Rembrandt Plate eighty five. Rembrandt Plate 86. Rembrandt Plate 87. Rembrandt Plate 88. Rembrandt Plate 89. Rembrandt Plate ninety. Rembrandt Plate ninety one. Rembrandt Plate ninety two. Rembrandt Plate ninety three. Rembrandt Plate ninety four. Kembrandt Plate ninety five. Rembrandt Plate ninety six. Rembrandt Plate ninety seven. Rembrandt Plate ninety eight. Rembrandt Plate ninety nine. Rembrandt Plate a hundred. Rembrandt Plate a hundred and one. Rembrandt Plate 102. Rembrandt Plate 103. Rembrandt Plate 104. Rembrandt Plate one hundred and five. Rembrandt Plate 106. David Teniers the more youthful Plate 107. Bartholomeus van der Heist Plate 108. Ferdinand Boi Plate 109. Sir Peter Lely Plate a hundred and ten. Philips Wowverman Plate 111. Jan Steen Plate 112. Jacob van Ruisdael Plate 113. Jan Vermeer van Delft Plate 114. Antoine Watteau Plate one hundred fifteen. Watteau Plate 116. Watteau Plate 117. Watteau Plate 118. Watteau Plate 119. Antoine Pesne Plate one hundred twenty. Nicolas Lancret Plate 121. Lancret Plate 122. Giovanni battista Tiepolo Plate 122. Antonio Canale, referred to as Canaletto Plate 124. Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin Plate a hundred twenty five. Chardin Plate 126. Charles-Joseph Natoire Plate 127. Jean Etienne Liotard Plate 128. François Boucher Plate 129. Boucher Plate one hundred thirty. Boucher Plate 131. Boucher Plate 132. Boucher Plate 133. Louis Aubert Plate 134. Jean Baptiste Greuze Plate a hundred thirty five. Greuze Plate 136. Greuze Plate 137. Jean Honoré Fragonard Plate 138.

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