Download E-books Curse of the Shadowmage (Forgotten Realms-The Harpers, No 11) PDF

By Mark Anthony

Mari Al'Marin and Caledan, the not going pair of heroes from The Crypt of the Shadowking, return to compare wits opposed to the revived legacy of the Shadowking, which threatens all of Faerun. unique. 75,000 first printing.

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Download E-books Carnival of Fear PDF

By JG Faherty

The Halloween carnival gave the look of the suitable solution to spend a Friday evening, but if a bunch of youngsters locate themselves trapped within the haunted mansion, they examine the grim fact concerning the carnival, and the demons that run it. Now they’re trapped, struggling with their means via a maze of torturous points of interest the place vampires, werewolves, extraterrestrial beings, and different monsters come to existence, longing for human blood. because the physique count number rises, friendships are made and misplaced, and not likely heroes emerge. the ultimate showdown occurs in Hell, the place the last word conflict among solid and evil will verify their destiny. The Carnival of worry - the cost of admission is your soul!

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Download E-books Pathfinder Chronicles: Heart of the Jungle (Pathfinder Chronicles Supplement) PDF

  • Set the scene for the Serpent’s cranium experience course or paint a brilliant backdrop for millions of untold wasteland adventures with this wide-ranging jungle campaigning sourcebook.
  • Learn the negative secrets and techniques that lurk less than the darkened cover of the Screaming Jungle, dare the treacherous territory of the Gorilla King, and discover the fallen air-cities of long-dead cultures! become aware of the secrets and techniques to surviving within the opposed Mwangi Jungle — and the way to make it a memorable hazard for avid gamers. Unearth lore in regards to the unfamiliar beings who reside within the Mwangi expanse and their even stranger deities. All this and extra awaits during this assessment of the Mwangi Expanse, an unmapped eco-friendly hell within the southern reaches of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade Setting.

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Download E-books Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters PDF

By Ed Greenwood

: A mass industry version of Ed Greenwood’s novel that includes essentially the most well known characters within the Forgotten nation-states setting.

This name, now in mass marketplace version for the 1st time, positive factors the Seven Sisters, key characters in lots of assorted Forgotten nation-states tales. The Seven Sisters are in particular linked to Ed Greenwood, writer of the Forgotten nation-states and one in all its best-known authors.

AUTHOR BIO: A resident of Ontario, Ed Greenwood created the Forgotten geographical regions environment approximately 30 years in the past and has written 1000s of novels, articles, and video game items within the environment. His newest novel is Elminster’s Daughter.

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Download E-books Obsidian Ridge (Forgotten Realms: The Citadels, Bk. 2) PDF

By Jess Lebow

This time the citadel is the monster!

Obsidian Ridge hasn't been visible in Faerun for centuries. it is a legend, a fairy story--until apparently, silently and unexpectedly over the dominion of Erlkazar, blotting out the solar. recommended through the insanity of a crafty wizard, the fortress and its monstrous array of shadowy monsters will smash all of Erlkazar except the wizard will get what he desires: the princess of Erlkazar as a bride. yet he will need to conflict the king's own murderer, a devoted courtier, a classy killer, and the princess herself to carry his plan to bear.

Obsidian Ridge maintains the Citadels sequence with one other tale that explores the darker part of that iconic fable constitution, the citadel. each one ebook within the Citadels sequence is a self-contained delusion within the Forgotten Realms global and will be learn in any order.

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Download E-books The Orc King: Transitions, Book I PDF

By R.A. Salvatore

Drizzt is again, and dealing with an international replaced forever!

An uneasy peace among the dwarves of Mithral corridor and the orcs of the newly tested state of Many-Arrows cannot final lengthy. The orc tribes united below Obould start to struggle one another, and Bruenor is decided to complete the struggle that almost killed him and virtually destroyed every thing he is labored to construct. however it will take greater than swords and axes to deliver an enduring peace to the backbone of the realm. strong contributors on each side can have to alter the way in which they see one another. they could need to begin to speak. And it will not be easy.

The paper-back of the unconventional that, for the 1st time because the #4 New York Times top vendor The Lone Drow, introduced Drizzt Do'Urden to heart level in a e-book that set fanatics of Drizzt and the Forgotten Realms line on notice--be ready for whatever! This publication wasn't simply the following installment within the long-running saga of the recognized darkish elf, however the starting of a daring new trilogy that would support swap the face of the Forgotten Realms global without end.

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Download E-books Halls of Undermountain (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Supplement) PDF

By Matt Sernett, Shawn Merwin

Beneath the streets of Waterdeep, a sinister dungeon awaits adventurers courageous adequate to stand its perils. Created a long time in the past by way of the wizard Halaster, the sprawling dungeon is a lair for horrible monsters and ruthless villains. in the dead of night chambers, they starvation for sufferers and plot the downfall of these who live at the streets above. Who will get to the bottom of the twisting labyrinth to bare its secrets and techniques, declare its treasures, and prevent the foul machinations of the dungeon’s denizens?
Halls of Undermountain™ is a 96-page hardcover booklet that offers a ready-to use dungeon detailing over 80 destinations. the journey bargains a fashion for Dungeon Masters partaking within the fresh D&D Encounters™ season, The Elder Elemental Eye™, to increase the journey. furthermore, this e-book presents all of the parts to run a vintage dungeon delve, together with attractive treasures, lethal traps, a large collection of monsters, and double-sided full-color poster maps.

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Download E-books Shadows of Doom (Forgotten Realms: The Shadow of the Avatar, Book 1) PDF

By Ed Greenwood

"Elminster's Doom

It was once the eve of the Time of issues. The chaos of spilled blood, lawless strife, monsters unleashed, and avatars roaming Faerûn used to be nonetheless to return. The gods have been approximately to be summoned to a reckoning, and between them was once Mystra, goddess of all magic. She knew it used to be most probably she, in addition to the opposite gods, was once approximately to be stripped of godhood.

Yet to shatter governance over magic may suggest damage for the realm she loved.  So Mystra made sure arrangements, taking a look continuously for a invaluable successor . . . but till the Ascension of that worthwhile one, her strength has to be preserved.

A lone mortal needs to hold the best proportion of her divine power, the silver fireplace, until eventually the mantle of magic can be reclaimed. It used to be the destiny of this mortal to chance being destroyed or pushed wild, with out warning.

It used to be Elminster's Doom."

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Download E-books Bleeding Edge Adventures #4: A Dreadful Dawn PDF

By Matthew J. Hanson

Bleeding side Adventures #4: A Dreadful sunrise (PDF)
A third period delusion experience for 4th to sixth point Characters
Author: Matthew J. Hanson
Cover Artist: Lisa Wood
Format: 32 web page PDF
A 2.8 MB download
Version 3.5 ideas Compatible

Twisted Plots, unlimited Evil

The guffawing Badger has lengthy been a well-liked cease for tourists, retailers, and adventurers sure for far-off lands. The final cease at the fringes of civilization, this resort deals a hot mattress, tremendous meal, and the corporate of a pleasant and inviting employees. humans from miles round all agree that the guffawing Badger is with no peer. not anyone may contemplate harming the kinfolk that runs this high-quality institution ... till now.

A Dreadful sunrise, the fourth of eco-friendly Ronin's Bleeding aspect adventures, reveals the characters struggling with for his or her lives within the unlikeliest of locations: among the comforts of a very good lodge. during this intriguing new situation, the computers are drawn right into a sinister plot through a vicious cult with their very own plans for this blameless relatives and their site visitors. The characters needs to retailer the innkeepers from a ugly evening of homicide, terror, and appalling violence, and defeat the servants of the foul God of Slaughter sooner than it's too late.

Inside this interesting new experience, you'll find:

* an absolutely special tavern entire with records and outlines for all locations.
* An tricky state of affairs that evolves in line with the PCs' actions.
* A dreadful dungeon complicated jam-packed with traps, monsters, and a in poor health cult with foul ambitions.
* A slew of unique and compelling NPCs ideal so as to add in your ongoing campaigns.

This event, like different Bleeding facet adventures, bargains a posh plot, a forged of distinctive characters, and lethal encounters. A Dreadful sunrise is brim-full of dynamic environments and built NPCs that, while mixed, promise to take your video games to the Bleeding fringe of event!

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Download E-books Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion PDF

By Richard Pett

  • The bane of fowl coops and untended youngsters throughout Golarion, manic and murderous goblins sow their detailed model of malicious mischief through the Pathfinder global. Now, for the 1st time, you could soak up your dogslicer and journey your goblin puppy into conflict opposed to shrieking villagers and half-wit adventurers as a goblin your self! New goblin-focused personality characteristics and principles placed you within the position of a pint-sized psychopath during this definitive advisor to Pathfinder's most well-liked enormous menaces!

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