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By Mike Mearls, Brian R. James, Steve Townshend

Demons and demon lords on your Dungeons & Dragons crusade!

Demonomicon provides the definitive treatise on demons and their masters, the demon lords. no matter if you're trying to introduce demons into your D&D crusade or plunge your heroes into the center of the Abyss, this ebook has anything for you! greater than only a maelstrom of chaos and corruption, the Abyss is an exhilarating D&D experience locale for paragon- and epic-level heroes to discover. inside its many layers lurk strong demon lords and fiendish hordes desirous to be unleashed upon unsuspecting worlds. This tome brings demons into the realm of D&D, updates vintage demons to 4th version, offers statistics for varied demon lords, and introduces dozens of latest horrors from the abyssal depths. It offers Dungeon Masters ready-to-use encounters and mechanics to make demons intriguing parts of their domestic campaigns.

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1 forty-one Scion of Zuggtmoy ........ ... .... 142 Seszrath .. ... ......... . . . . .. .. .. a hundred and forty four Shaadee . .. . ......... .. .... . .... one hundred forty five Sibriex ...... . . ....... . . ...... ... 146 Spawn ofJuiblex . . ... . ........... 148 Tomb Demon .. .. ............ . .. one hundred fifty Voracalith ... .......... ... . .. .... 151 Wendigo . . . ..... ... . .. . ... ... ... 152 Yagnodemon ...... . ... . . ... . .... 154 Zowut. ........... . ............. a hundred and fifty five Zuggtmoy .... ..... ... .. . . ...... . 156 Zythar ... ...... ........... .... . 158 NEW MONSTERS . ....... . .... . . 159 CHAPTER 1 DEMONS ARE the manifestation of malign chaos-the embodiment of vile perversion and elemental spoil. Even the weakest of those creatures are hideous to behold , their positive factors the stuff of nightmares. the main strong fiends are anathema to mortal sensibilities, their mere presence adequate to force different creatures to insanity. As residing engines of annihilation, demons have an innate wish to eat and wreck whereas inflicting as a lot discomfort as attainable. worry and mercy are unknown to their style . Peel away the veneer of advantage, civility, and char­ ity, and every mortal race finds a writhing center of corruption and rage. it's acknowledged that the progenitors of demonkind weren't not like the mortal races as soon as, yet their darkness develop inside them till it warped them in physique and soul. Now, a demon's each notion is tainted by means of hatred and malice. This bankruptcy offers new insights into the heritage, lifestyles, and horror of those iconic monsters, bringing to existence the knowledge awarded in a single of the game's such a lot mythical works-the Demonomicon of188wilv. Be warned, however-the lore contained in those pages is perilous certainly . This bankruptcy covers the next issues. + History of the Abyss: The production and darkish earlier of the area of demons. + Demonic body structure: A learn of demonic shape and serve as. + Demonic Ascension: the driver in the back of each demon's thirst for energy and destruction. + Society: Demon lords, demonic cults, and the mysterious obyriths. + Summoning Demons: Mortals who search abys­ sal strength can bind demons to their carrier, yet at nice chance. + Demonic Monster topics: New powers for customizing demons and their masters on your crusade. + Mechanics and thoughts: A demon-themed crusade are, a ability problem for disrupt­ ing a robust cult ritual, and demonic traps and risks necessary for working demon-themed adventures. 1. I Demon Lore FROM THE DEMONOMICON OF IGGWILV Many are they who may gladly have prostrated themselves earlier than me. promising their fortunes. their households. their very souls to own the tome you presently carry on your palms. irrespective of how strong you suspect your self to be. regardless of how nice your declare to knowledge-on issues of demon lore, you're a rank amateur in my sight. Demons usually are not a category of creature simply codified. and no quantity of vellum and ink can in all likelihood wish to catalog their innumerable attri­ butes and variations. The resea rch amassed during this Demonomicon is actual and impeccable. I guarantee you . yet e ntering into battl e opposed to a demon calls for greater than mere wisdom.

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