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By Johanna Lehner, Ernst Lehner

"Throughout historical past, artists have grappled with the matter of depicting in actual fact and forcefully the rules of evil and agony in human existence." With this view, the Lehners have gathered 244 representations, symbols, and manuscript pages of devils and dying from Egyptian occasions to 1931. Reproductions from Dürer, Holbein, Cranach, Rembrandt, and lots of different lesser-known or unknown artists illustrate the attention-grabbing background. The 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries are stressed.
The ebook is split into 12 chapters, every one with a separate creation. lots of the illustrations are accrued in 5 of those chapters: Devils and Demons, together with Belial, Beelzebub, and the Anti-Christ; Witches and Warlocks, their animals, types, and rituals; The Danse Macabre, with the Dance of loss of life Alphabet through Holbein and representations of all periods leveled via the typical strength of dying; souvenir Mori, together with a cranium clock, a macabre illustration of the Tree of data and dying, and the winged hourglass and scythe; and Religio-Political Devilry, the struggle among the Papists and the Reformers, and logos of devils in different political disputes. There also are chapters at the Fall of Lucifer, Faust and Mephistopheles, Hell and Damnation, The Apocalyptic Horsemen, Witch-Hunting, The artwork of loss of life, and Resurrection and Reckoning.
Anyone concerned with witchcraft, dying, and devils should be attracted to this publication. it truly is fairly important to academics, artists, and illustrators who desire transparent reproductions for the school room, for types, or for advertisement makes use of. loss of life, devils, and their heritage are greatly with us today.

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As proven in many of the sixteenth-century German illustrations during this bankruptcy, girl witches weren't regularly regarded as withered crones. eighty two. The satan making like to a witch. eighty three. Demons driving to the Sabbath. From Ulrich Molitor’s Von den Unholden und Hexen. Constance, 1489. eighty four. Witches brewing up a hailstorm. From the identify web page of Ulrich Molitor’s De lanijs et phitonicis mulieribus, revealed by way of Cornelius de Zierikzee, Cologne, 1489. eighty five. Warlock using to the Witches’ Sabbath. From Ulrich Molitor’s De laniis et phitonicis mulieribus, published by way of Cornelius de Zierikzee, Cologne, 1489. 86. Witch “inoculating” a guy through taking pictures a sprig via his foot. From Ulrich Molitor’s De lanijs et phitonicis mulieribus, Cologne, 1489. 87. The enchanter Merlin, magician of King Arthur’s around desk, assembly the fairy Viviane within the wooded area of Broceliande. After an enameled publication disguise, Limoges, early 15th century. 88. The 4 witches. Engraving by means of Albrecht Dürer, 1497. 89. Witches concocting an ointment for use for flying to the Sabbath. by means of Hans Baldung Grien, Strassburg, 1514. ninety. Witches celebrating. Woodcut by way of Hans Weiditz. ninety one. Witch grew to become werewolf attacking tourists. Woodcut by means of Hans Weiditz. From Dr. Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg’s Die Emeis (The Ants), revealed by means of Johann Grüninger, Strassburg, 1517. ninety two. Witch driving at the Devil’s he-goat to the Walpurgisnacht, goaded on through playful amoretti. by means of Albrecht Dürer. ninety three, ninety four. Witch and wizard driving to the Sabbath. From Ulrich Molitor’s Hexen Meysterey, 1545. ninety five. Witches’ brew. From Abraham Saur’s Ein Kurtze Treue caution (A brief, actual Warning), published at Frankfurt, 1582. ninety six. devil (Pluto) protecting courtroom for newly anointed witches. From Gerard d’Euphrates’ Livre de l’histoire & ancienne cronique, revealed by means of E. Groulleau, Paris, 1549. ninety seven. The satan sporting a witch off to Hell. ninety eight. The sorcerer Gilbert shackled by way of the warlock Catillum at the isle of Weterlacus. From Olaus Magnus’ Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus, Rome, 1555. ninety nine. Sorcerer promoting a bag of wind (tied up in 3 knots of a rope). a hundred. Sorcerer driving the waves on a bit of flotsam. From Olaus Magnus’ Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus, Rome, 1555. a hundred and one. Witch conjuring up demons. 102. Witch brewing up a hurricane. From Olaus Magnus’ Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus, Rome, 1555. 103. devil rebaptizing younger sorcerers. 104. Sorcerer changing the Gospels for a e-book of black magic. From R. P. Guaccius’ Compendium Maleficarum, Milan, 1626. one zero five. devil making use of his claw mark to an apprentice sorcerer. 106. Witch giving the ritual kiss to devil. From R P. Guaccius’ Compendium Maleficarum, Milan, 1626. 107. Macbeth and the 3 witches (Act IV, Scene i). From N. Rowe’s first illustrated version of William Shakespeare’s Workes, revealed by way of Tonson, London, 1709. Witch-Hunting Witchcraft used to be combated fiercely by means of either Catholics and Protestants, with civil professionals lending a company hand to the Church. the various executions of Protestants and Jews via the Catholic Inquisition is proven in numerous illustrations right here as an identical phenomenon.

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