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Observe the ideas, methods and strategies that truly paintings for suggestion artists, matte painters and animators. Compiled by way of the group at, electronic portray innovations, quantity 1 deals electronic proposal with hands-on perception and methods from expert electronic artists. greater than only a gallery ebook - inside electronic portray thoughts every one artist has written a breakdown assessment, with aiding imagery of ways they made their piece of labor. newbie and intermediate electronic artists can be encouraged by way of the gallery variety selection of the best examples of electronic portray from global well known electronic artists. begin your mentorship into the area of electronic portray this present day with a number of the maximum electronic artists on the earth and delve into expert electronic portray techiques, reminiscent of velocity portray, customized brush construction and matte portray. increase your electronic portray talents past the diversity of loose on-line electronic portray tutorials and follow the freshest recommendations for your electronic canvas with electronic portray options for Animators.

* Mentor with the various maximum electronic artists on this planet and delve into specialist electronic portray techiques, comparable to pace portray, customized brush construction and matte portray.

* idea and strategy in a single electronic portray booklet! Be encouraged with a gallery sort selection of the best examples of electronic portray from international well known electronic artists and discover the step-by-step tutorials that designate the electronic portray techniques.

* boost your electronic portray talents past unfastened electronic portray tutorials and observe the freshest ideas on your electronic canvas with this entire advisor to electronic portray.

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