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By Bill Slavicsek

Dozens of dungeons able to play with out preparation...

Dungeon Delve(TM) is designed for teams trying to find an exhilarating evening of monster-slaying with no the prep time. It includes dozens of self-contained easy-to-run mini-dungeons, or "delves," each crafted for a number of hours of game-play.

The publication comprises delves for 1st- to 30th-level characters, and lines dozens of iconic monsters for the heroes to conflict. Dungeon Masters can run those delves as one-shot adventures or weave them into their crusade.

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Basic abilities: Arcana, faith, Thievery. Arcana (DC 19, usual action): learning the mystical air of secrecy in regards to the braziers, the nature determines that they carry a few divine hyperlink that's the most probably explanation for the curse. This ability can be utilized to achieve 1 luck during this problem. bankruptcy # | Xx 12/2/08 9:26:08 AM Features of the world Illumination: The chamber is brightly lit through the fiery braziers flanking the steps. Ceiling: The ceiling during this zone is 15 toes excessive. Braziers: those bins are choked with fireplace that burns with no gasoline. a person coming into a sq. occupied by means of a brazier takes 1d10 fireplace harm and ongoing five fireplace harm (save ends). Stairs: a computer who steps onto those stairs earlier than the Curse removing ability problem is effectively accomplished immediately incurs the curse (slowed and –2 penalty to Fortitude and may until eventually a longer leisure) and takes ongoing five fireplace harm (save ends). Treasure: all the ogre skirmishers wears a silver bracelet worthy a hundred gp; the ogre warhulk wears a gold bracelet worthy 250 gp. within the backside of every brazier is a potion of therapeutic. Retrieving a potion earlier than a brazier is deactivated (through the ability problem) bargains harm as though the nature had entered the brazier. bankruptcy # | Xx Delve_1_10. indd fifty one E N CO U N T E R 7 – 2 : U N C L EA N faith (DC 14, commonplace action): reading the character of the divine strength at paintings during this room, the nature determines that a few deity is angered through the group’s presence and calls for an apology or own sacrifice. This software of the ability can be utilized to realize 1 good fortune during this problem. once one personality succeeds in this cost, all of the computers can try the followup faith money defined under. faith, followup fee (DC eight, minor action): the nature bows his head humbly and gives up an apology for the group’s intrusion. If at the least one personality succeeds at the followup money, it counts as 1 good fortune; if 3 or extra computers prevail, it counts as 2 successes. If 3 or extra computers fail, it counts as 1 failure. Thievery (DC 14, commonplace action): the nature manipulates a brazier to deactivate its strength. every one deactivated brazier counts as 1 good fortune. A failed money potential the computer takes 1d10 hearth harm and ongoing five fireplace harm (save ends). This ability can be utilized to realize 2 successes during this problem. Secondary abilities: belief, Heal, certain. belief (DC 14, minor action): the nature notices that the braziers flare a bit of whenever one of many computers is slowed. a hit in this payment offers a +2 bonus to an Arcana payment made to figure out the reason for the curse. Heal (DC 14, minor action): the nature concludes that the slowed impact is a mental influence, no longer a actual one. a hit in this fee presents a +2 bonus to an Arcana money made to figure out the reason for the curse. Take harm (part of a circulation action): Any personality who willingly enters one of many four squares occupied via a brazier and takes hearth harm (and doesn't negate the wear with resistance or another safeguard) immediately contributes 1 luck to this problem.

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