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By Bruce R. Cordell

Tap into the facility of the mind.

Through sheer strength of will, a psionic personality can unharness notable powers that rival any actual strength or magical strength. inside of those pages, you will find the secrets and techniques of unlocking the magic of the brain -- the artwork of psionics.

With up-to-date and elevated content material, together with a newly balanced psionics energy approach, the Expanded Psionics Handbook simply integrates psionic characters, powers, and monsters into any Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

To use this complement, a Dungeon Master additionally wishes the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual. A participant wishes simply the Player's Handbook.

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A wilder can show up any and so on). energy that has an influence aspect rate She can't use the Overchannel psionic equivalent to or under her manifeat (see web page forty nine) and invoke her wild surge fester point. while. the entire variety of powers a for instance, Leila is a 3rd-level wilder who wilder can show up in an afternoon is understands the ability brain thrust (see web page 120). She constrained in simple terms by way of her day-by-day energy can commonly spend a greatest of three strength issues. In different phrases, a 9th-level issues to deal 3d10 issues of wear and tear with this wilder (with a complete of seventy two energy issues) energy. If she invokes her wild surge whilst she might show up an influence costing 1 manifests the facility, she spends three strength issues to energy element seventy-two instances in deal 4d10 issues of wear (as if she have been a 4thone day, or an influence costing nine strength point manifester, and therefore capable of spend as much as four issues 8 instances in a single day, or any compoints on manifesting the power). bination of strength element charges that does At third point, a wilder can decide to now not exceed seventy two energy issues in overall. develop her manifester point by way of A wilder easily is aware her rather than one. At seventh point, she powers; they're ingrained in can increase her manifester point her brain. She doesn't have to through as much as 3; at eleventh point, through organize them (in the way in which that as much as 4; at fifteenth point, by way of as much as Eulad the wilder a few spellcasters organize their spells), 5; and at nineteenth point, through as much as six. although she needs to get a great night’s sleep on a daily basis In all situations, the wild surge successfully will pay the to regain all her spent strength issues. additional energy element rate that's typically required to augThe hassle type for saving throws opposed to wilder powment the ability; purely the unaugmented strength aspect expense ers is 10 + the power’s point + the wilder’s air of secrecy modifier. is subtracted from the wilder’s energy aspect reserve. for instance, the saving throw opposed to a 6th-level strength has a Psychic Enervation (Ex): Pushing oneself via invoking DC of sixteen + Cha modifier. a wild surge is risky. instantly following each one wild greatest energy point identified: A wilder starts play surge, a wilder should be triumph over by means of the stress of her attempt. being able to research 1st-level powers. As she attains highThe probability of soreness psychic enervation is the same as five% er degrees, she may well achieve the facility to grasp extra complicated consistent with manifester point extra with the wild surge. for instance, powers—for instance, a 4th-level wilder can examine powers of if, at eleventh point, Leila makes use of wild surge to spice up her manifester second point or reduce, a 6th-level wilder can study powers of third point by means of 4, she has a 20% likelihood of agony psychic enlevel or decrease, etc. ervation therefore. to profit or appear an influence, a wilder should have a ChaA wilder who's triumph over through psychic enervation is dazed risma rating of at the least 10 + the power’s point. for instance, a till the tip of her subsequent flip and loses a few energy wilder with a sixteen air of mystery can happen powers of sixth point issues equivalent to her wilder point.

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