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By Andrea Di Robilant

A century prior to Columbus arrived in the US, brothers from Venice are acknowledged to have explored elements of the recent global. They grew to become legends through the Renaissance, after which the resource of a very good scandal that will discredit their tale. this day, they've been mostly forgotten.
In this very unique work—part background, half travelogue—Andrea di Robilant chronicles his discovery of a commute narrative released in 1558 by way of the Venetian statesman Nicolò Zen. The textual content and its interesting nautical map re-created the travels of 2 of the author’s ancestors, brothers who claimed to have explored the North Atlantic within the 1380s and 1390s. Di Robilant units out to find why the Zens’ account later got here lower than assault as one of many maximum frauds in geographical historical past. was once their map—and even their journey—partially or maybe completely faked?

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