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By Gary Lachman

A considerate biography of 1 of the main polarizing pioneers of different spirituality, the occult-mystic Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

Pioneer. Visionary. Provocateur. Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky—mystic, occult author, baby of Russian aristocrats, religious seeker who traveled 5 continents, and founder (with Henry metal Olcott) of the Theosophical Society—is nonetheless being hailed as an icon and scorned as a fraud greater than a hundred and twenty years after her dying. yet regardless of perennial curiosity in her lifestyles, writings, and philosophy, no unmarried biography has tested the debate and legacy of this influential philosopher who helped outline sleek substitute spirituality—until now.

Gary Lachman, the acclaimed religious biographer at the back of volumes akin to Rudolf Steiner and Jung the Mystic, brings us an in-depth examine Blavatsky, objectively exploring her precise and singular contributions towards introducing japanese and esoteric non secular principles to the West through the 19th century, in addition to the controversies that proceed to paint the discussions of her existence and work.

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In 1902, following a cataract operation, checklist was once near-blind for 11 months. in this time he had a imaginative and prescient of the “Armanen Futharkh. ” This was once an “alphabet” of eighteen runes—ancient German letters—which, he stated, opened his “inner eye. ” within the mystery of the Runes (1906) and different books, record promoted “Armanism,” a völkisch, “Aryan,” pan-Germanic philosophy, in line with the traditional worship of the “sun-kings,” the priestly caste of the Ario-Germanic kingdom. checklist drew many admirers, certainly one of whom was once Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, an ex-Cistercian monk, who used to be additionally, with Franz Hartmann and so forth, a member of the Guido von checklist Society. Liebenfels, additionally Viennese, began undefined, Ostara, named after the German pagan goddess of spring. encouraged via the Knights Templar and German paganism, and borrowing parts from Theosophy, Liebenfels promoted a racial, anti-Semitic occultism, which he known as “Ariosophy,” the “wisdom of the Aryans. ” This was once founded at the trust that “blue blond” Aryans have been Gottmenschen, “God-men,” normal masters of the earth, with the “lower races” and “dark skinned beast men,” their traditional topics. In 1904, Liebenfels released a booklet, Theozoologie, arguing this aspect intimately and suggesting the sterilization and removing of the unwell “sub-men. ” (Oddly, in his “inspired” textual content The publication of the legislations, “dictated” to him within the related yr through the extradimensional being “Aiwass,” the magician Aleister Crowley was once receiving very related recommendation. forty eight) One average reader of Ostara used to be an unemployed artist named Adolf Hitler, who as a consequence left Vienna for Munich. There, in 1918, a German-Turkish occultist named Rudolf Sebottendorf begun the Thulegesellschaft, or “Thule Society. ” “Thule” is a legendary urban past the North Pole, in a land of gentle weather the Greeks known as “Hyperborea,” “beyond the north wind,” a reputation Blavatsky herself may borrow. The Thule Society used to be a German-Aryan historical past “study staff” with radical right-wing anti-Semitic leanings, and its outlook used to be prompted through checklist and Liebenfels. It was once very profitable and attracted a few very important figures, reminiscent of the evolutionary thinker Ernst Haeckel, whose principles inspired either C. G. Jung and Rudolf Steiner. one other member was once Rudolf Hess, who could develop into a high-ranking Nazi. something the Thulegesellschaft, the Nazis, and the Theosophical Society undeniably had in universal used to be the swastika. apparently at the Thule brand, emblazoned with a dagger, and in addition within the “Theosophical seal,” besides, it may be acknowledged, an Egyptian ankh, a celeb of Solomon, the Ouroboros Serpent, and the Sanskrit image for the mystic sound Om. one other member of the Thule Society used to be Anton Drexler, who in 1919 begun the German staff celebration (DAP). even though Hitler himself didn't sign up for the Thule Society, he did subscribe to Drexler’s association, and in due time this grew to become the nationwide Socialist German employees get together, or Nazis, for brief. one other reader of Ostara used to be Dietrich Eckart, Drexler’s colleague, who took Hitler less than his wing and, possibly greater than a person else, used to be accountable for starting up his upward thrust to energy.

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