Download E-books Martial Power: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement (D&D Rules Expansion) PDF

By Robert J. Schwalb, Chris Sims

New thoughts for warring parties, rangers, rogues, and warlords.

This tome specializes in the martial heroes: characters who depend on their wrestle skills and willing wits for survival.

This booklet offers new archetypal builds for the fighter, ranger, rogue, and warlord sessions, together with new personality powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

Martial strength is the 1st of a line of player-friendly vitamins providing enormous quantities of latest techniques for D&D characters.

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He grew to become influence: decide on an best friend inside of five squares of you. either you recognized for taking particular curiosity in opposing aber-and the best friend, by yourself turns, can roll an additional d20 and rant creatures, similar to brain flayers. those that decide upon the better outcome for one assault roll each one flip. till the stance ends, this influence applies basically for those who knew and enjoyed him finally dubbed him Jarret are either unsleeping and inside of five squares of one another. the Twiceborn. Yarns say he lives nonetheless within the heav- ens, along nice generals from occasions earlier. Seconded Smite Sec Twiceborn chief assault 20 Jarret’s accomplishments and techniques are whilst the going is tough, you're at your top, permitting an best friend recorded in tale, historical past, and music. From those, to reflect your ruinous assault. many venturesome souls draw notion and take a look at day-by-day ✦ Martial, Weapon to copy Jarret’s feats. a few winning imita- typical motion Melee weapon tors even declare to coach his equipment. objective: One creature might be your typical abilities led you on a street assault: energy vs. AC. You achieve an advantage to the assault roll just like Jarret’s. You’ve taken what you'll equivalent to the variety of wakeful allies inside 10 squares from folktales and, might be, academics. on your tra-of you who've already used moment wind in this vails, you keep on Jarret’s folk-hero culture. In stumble upon (maximum bonus of +4). doing so, probably you’ll turn into even more than Hit: 4[W] + energy modifier harm. pass over: part harm. the Twiceborn. influence: One best friend inside 10 squares of you who has already used moment wind in this stumble upon can shift a variety of squares equivalent for your air of mystery modifier and then make a melee uncomplicated assault as a loose motion. C H A P T E R four | Wa r l o r d 129 Martial Power_Ch4. indd 129 9/4/08 2:17:29 PM C H A P T E R five 5MarMatrialia O Optionos within the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS video game, extra ideas suggest extra enjoyable. This bankruptcy makes a speciality of increasing the alternatives that let you customise your martial personality. With few exceptions (such as the multiclass feats), the choices listed here are completely for such desktops. ✦ New Feats: As within the Player’s guide, this bankruptcy provides feats via tier. no matter if you’re a warlord who desires to enhance your inspiring note, a rogue who desires to supplement the recent Ruthless Ruffian tactic, or any martial personality who wishes just a little style out of your race, rankings of new probabilities stay right here. ✦ Multiclass Feats: when you have your eye on increasing your functions by means of dabbling in a martial category, this component of the bankruptcy is for you. no matter if your basic category isn’t martial, you may locate whatever of curiosity. In doing so, you furthermore may open entry to the paragon paths in different places in this e-book. ✦ Epic Destinies: The mythic warrior takes many types. those new epic destinies extend your (and your DM’s) techniques for outlining your ascent to mythical prestige. GENASI AND DROW FEATS the various feats during this bankruptcy are designed for genasi or drow characters. (Those races are defined in the FORGOTTEN geographical regions® Player’s consultant.

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