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By Colin McComb, James L. Sutter, Rob McCreary

With the trepidation of an adventurer exploring a dungeon with a sweating brow and a 10-foot pole, Paizo proudly offers Misfit Monsters Redeemed, an in-depth examine 10 of the lamest, most-hated, and flat-out goofiest monsters ever to hang-out a fable roleplaying crusade. This soon-to-be mythical, 64-page, full-color quantity comprises all-new backgrounds, expansions, and assistance for substantial lovely losers just like the Adherer, Delver, Dire Corby, Disenchanter, Flail Snail, Flumph, Lava baby, Lurker Above, Tojanida and, in fact, the insidious Wolf-in-Sheep's garments!

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Consequently, they make excellent applicants to infest previous ruins, dungeons, or urban sewers, probably entering into a formerly secure quarter and preying at the blameless population. you've gotten the computers stumble forty eight Lurking Ray Lurking Rays throughout a chain of unexplained murders during which the sufferers’ heads have been dissolved, simply to later become aware of that the assaults are the paintings of a take hold of of executioner’s hoods. on the other hand, a trapper could be trying to support her younger conquer their typical aversion to daylight, the higher to prey at the floor international. A trapper’s intelligence may possibly let her to be bribed into guarding a specific treasure or position— whereas plotting an inevitable betrayal—or a bunch of lurkers may perhaps infest a urban in an try and mate with the captured trapper at its middle. regardless of the scenario, lurking rays are top used as ambush creatures, remarkable from darkness. on Golarion Lurking rays are ordinarily present in underground settings just like the Darklands, the place they cluster round habitations and alternate routes. a few drow and svirfneblin groups create transitority alliances with the creatures, whereas others vow conflict at the monsters. nonetheless others—generally much less clever creatures—create cults round the trappers, supplying sacrifices in trade for some extent of protection. Executioner’s hoods can occasionally be present in towns, specifically people with subterranean dungeons or ties to the Darklands. Their use in assassination or torture is well-liked by twisted governments, specifically that of Cheliax, the place the creatures’ masters retain them in response to bottles of robust spirits. The creatures are sometimes to be had on the market within the chaotic marketplaces of Kaer Maga in Varisia, notwithstanding even if those are imported or harvested from the unusual chambers of the Undercity is unknown. In japanese Avistan, lurking rays are often obvious within the old tunnels of Taldor, and as some distance north as New Stetven, and also are said perils within the sewers of alternative significant towns, reminiscent of Absalom, Korvosa, and Pangolais. Of overdue, there was an important elevate in lurking ray assaults in and close to Garundi towns resembling Manaket, Totra, and Katapesh, and a few adventurers in those areas worry that their presence might be increasing, even though what’s inflicting this present f lurry of task is unknown. Treasure Lurking rays don't have any notion of price past nutrients and territory. Executioner’s hoods depart their sufferers’ is still and property the place they fall, and will usually be tracked by way of the paths in their sufferers. Lurkers above and trappers take some time to maintain their searching grounds away from particles that would frighten away prey, yet sometimes depart whatever glossy at the f loor, having stumbled on that humanoids will usually cease to ascertain such an merchandise. variations the most typical version of the lurking ray is the aquatic lurker lower than. while in movement, the lurker lower than is sort of indistinguishable from a manta ray, and creatures that stay close to beaches, reefs, or the ground of the ocean may perhaps fall prey to it.

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