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Following within the footsteps of Draconic Lore, Necromantic Lore comprises greater than thirty new undead, with part a dozen templates between them. those ghastly creations will hang-out your gamers' desires for future years. they could cower ahead of the soul-destroying energy of the necromentals, or flee earlier than the mind-shattering horror of the atrocity wight. just a fortunate few will continue to exist to hunt support from the guiding spirit and legion of the lifeless, yet those that fall in strive against may possibly upward thrust back as a foreverjack or an everlasting confessor.

The undead during this bestiary have been created to fill particular roles on your crusade. no matter if you would like a very tough come upon to spring in your gamers or simply are looking to upload a slightly of unique aptitude for your global, Necromantic Lore has simply the undead you are looking for.

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Crow name (Su): A horrid homicide can achieve entire regulate of any crow inside of a 5 mile radius. Any general, non-magical crow in the sector is topic to the need of the horrid homicide until it makes a profitable Will shop (DC 13). A horrid homicide can identify a psychological hyperlink and obtain direct sensory enter from any crow that's topic to its will. A horrid homicide don't need to see the crow to regulate it. A subjected crow will perform advanced instructions, together with those who might be suicidal or self-destructive. even though a horrid homicide consists of 1 hundred or extra crows, it's handled as a unmarried humanoid creature except it's discorporated, as under. Discorporation: If a horrid homicide feels threatened, then it will possibly decide to discorporate as a unfastened motion. A horrid homicide consists of 4 crows in line with Hit Die. as soon as discorporated, a horrid homicide can't be recreated except there are at the very least 33 crows current inside a mile radius of the undead soul. Recreating a horrid homicide is a whole around motion. spotting a horrid homicide for what it's ahead of an assault calls for a place payment (DC 20). Creatures with 5 or extra ranks in desolate tract Lore achieve a +2 synergy bonus to this roll. For the stats of the person crows, use the raven present in the MM, Appendix 2. Unnatural air of mystery (Su): either wild and domesticated animals can experience the unnatural presence of a horrid homicide at a distance of ninety feet. apart from crows, animals are unwilling to technique closer than that and panic if compelled to take action. they continue to be panicked so long as they're inside diversity. Polymorph Immunity (Ex): as a result of its distinctive composition, a horrid homicide is proof against polymorphing results. substantial harm Vulnerability: although it is undead, the power of the soul to keep up the horrid homicide is now and then tenuous. If the horrid homicide suffers 70 issues of wear in the course of a unmarried around, it needs to make a focus fee (DC 22) or discorporate. If a horrid homicide loses two-thirds or extra of its overall hit issues, it needs to make this money each one around. additionally, for every forty issues of wear that the horrid homicide suffers, the wear and tear that it might probably inflict whereas engulfing an opponent is diminished by means of 1d10. abilities: *Horrid murders obtain a +12 racial bonus to Intuit course and hear assessments. Bestiary uous than these of different varieties of undead, creating a horrid homicide rather weak may still too lots of its part crows be destroyed. so much horrid murders are good conscious of their obstacles and select to discorporate and struggle one other day instead of be thoroughly destroyed. 37 Bestiary Necrocorn huge Undead Hit cube: 5d12 (32 hp) Initiative: +5 pace: 60 feet. AC: 18 (–1 measurement, +6 average, +3 Dex), contact 12, flat-footed 15 assaults: Horn +11 and a pair of hooves +2 harm: Horn 1d8+8, hooves 1d4+5 Face/Reach: five toes. by means of 10 feet. /5 toes. (10 feet. with horn) particular assaults: Spell-like skills, trample, existence drain distinctive characteristics: darkish rider’s blessing, create spawn, harm aid 10/+1, immunities Saves: citadel —, Ref +2, Will +7 skills: Str 21, Dex 12, Con —, Int sixteen, Wis sixteen, Cha sixteen abilities: Animal Empathy +5, hear +15, circulate Silently +15, Spot +15, wasteland Lore +16 Feats: enhanced Initiative, Alertness, Weapon concentration (horn), Mobility Climate/Terrain: Any land association: Solitary problem ranking: five Treasure: common Alignment: continually lawful evil development: by way of personality type 38 Necrocorns are one of the such a lot terrible and evil beings identified, for they characterize absolutely the corruption of an icon of purity and goodness, the unicorn.

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