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By James L. Sutter

  • This 64-page softcover explores the sunlight approach of the Pathfinder campaign atmosphere. in addition to vast gazetteers and maps of every of the various planets of the program (including the war-torn crimson Planet of Akiton, the undead international of Eox, the primeval eco-friendly Planet of Castrovel, fuel giants, asteroids, moons, and more), this booklet comprises instructions for touring from global to global and exploring the darkish depths of outer area. principles for a number of new monsters, alien races, and magic around out the otherworldly offerings.

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The Gravid Mound: This egg-shaped mountain is someplace among a volcano and a polyp, increasing outward after which narrowing back at its base. From a large caldera at its most sensible weeps a relentless circulation of black goo during which faded and quivering chunks of meat f loat like icebergs, the viscous pool continuously overf lowing and trickling down the perimeters of the Gravid Mound. on the mountain’s southern foot, protected against the caustic f low by means of a large moat, stands the round tower-city of the Midwives. 13 in quantity, those cowled and veiled spellcasters think that in the future the Gravid Mound will burst like a cyst, disgorging a terrible new entity that may be Aucturn’s baby. while this occurs, the Midwives plan to be current to regulate the strong new being—or be the 1st to fall to their knees and worship the fetal god. The Loving position: On so much of Aucturn, the local creatures try and kill viewers or sacrifice them to darkish gods. inside numerous hundred miles of the Loving position, in spite of the fact that, their wants are even worse. pressured through unusual vapors, creatures residing close to the Loving position catch any nonresident creatures they could and convey them to the region’s vital cleft, the place narcotic steam from the planet’s depths roils out in a euphoric cloud. right here, the citizens mate desperately with their prisoners despite dimension or species, constantly cautious to not permit the prisoners die. Fortified by means of the vapors, the captives speedy convert to the hot attitude themselves, birthing abominations and best them out to seek for his or her personal mate-offerings. experience Hooks under are event hooks to assist get desktops to Aucturn. • Deep in an Osirian pyramid, the computers clear up an historic riddle regarding Aucturn, inflicting a portal to spring to existence. Do the tomb’s maximum treasures lie on one other international? • The computers’ maximum foe accepts the help of Carsai the King and f lees to the fort of the Black. Do the computers dare stick to? forty nine 1 Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: far away Worlds different Worlds Cosmic Caravan: The thirteen indicators of the Cosmic Caravan supply portents to Varisians and astrologers alike. lower than are the astrological indicators and their corresponding dates. The Thrush (18 Kuthona–20 Abadius): This curious chicken heralds the arriving of the tourists, its wings unfold extensive. The Lantern Bearer (21 Abadius–16 Calistril): Guiding the caravan prior probability and monotony, this serpentine angel lighting fixtures the way in which with the torch of proposal. The Newlyweds (17 Calistril–11 Pharast): Slipping away for privateness, this couple—represented by means of a couple of intertwined our bodies or scarves—embodies devotion and new lifestyles. The Bridge (12 Pharast–18 Gozan): A span throughout chance, this constellation includes the tourists to new adventures and separates the darkish of iciness from the sunshine of summer time. The Daughter (19 Gozan–13 Desnus): This light-hearted dancer is the 1st to go the Bridge, skipping into the nice and cozy days of spring, filling them with pleasure and track. The Rider (14 Desnus–20 Sarenith): This stern barbarian and his painted mount watch over the caravan, occasionally a boisterous better half, different occasions a solemn warden.

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