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  • From the lethal heights of Gallowspire to the treacherous depths of the Darklands, Dungeons of Golarion presents a wide-ranging review of six of the main risky delves in the Pathfinder international. With tough maps, experience hooks, come across charts, and notes on key enemies and treasures, this guidebook offers the framework for GMs to make those impressive destinations their very own. Key websites highlighted during this quantity comprise Gallowspire, domestic of the lich-king referred to as the Whispering Tyrant, hole Mountain, seat of a fallen Runelord, the mythical pink Redoubt of Karamoss outdoors Absalom, and more!

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Adventurers might be employed through the Sovereign to retrieve Karamoss’s secrets and techniques, or may be engaged to forestall others from doing so. In both case, the result's a race to the dungeon’s reduce degrees, the place Karamoss’s secrets and techniques usually are stumbled on, in all likelihood besides Karamoss himself and new, even deadlier creations. 2. Nonsense Room This chamber comprises alcoves at the east and west partitions, yet either are empty. The room’s partitions are inscribed with letters from a few diverse alphabets in a possible random trend. each around, 1d8 random letters f lash with bluish gentle. With a number of hours of research and a profitable DC 20 Linguistics money, an observer can decipher many of the messages—you can use those to offer the computers clues on easy methods to achieve different degrees or to tantalize them with tricks of the unusual treasures that look ahead to them there. three. imperative mum or dad (CR four) If the door to this room is opened, the door to sector five additionally opens, activating the computer soldier in each one room. in contrast to the soldier in sector five, the single stationed the following services completely good. The Proving Grounds although so much think that the higher degrees of the purple Redoubt’s dungeon advanced were completely explored and mapped, unexplored parts of peril stay. this type of is the extent referred to as the Proving Grounds. right here, in a round community of labyrinthine passages, Karamoss saw computer Soldier XP 1,200 hp forty two (see web page 50) fifty one CR four fifty one Pathfinder crusade surroundings: Dungeons of Golarion four. difficult proof and desiring a brand new cost. The weapon is technological, and capabilities superb in a space of antimagic, yet because it calls for periodic recharges, its rate continues to be unchanged from that of a standard +1 thundering longsword (although few retailers might conform to pay that a lot for the sword if it weren’t presently charged). The chest additionally features a velvet bag of 10 gem stones (worth 10 gp each one) and a small steel cylinder on a necklace chain. The cylinder is set 2 inches lengthy and is inscribed with an elaborate trend. This cylinder serves as a the most important to the get away hatch in quarter 18. This room includes 3 alcoves for desktop squaddies, yet each one alcove is stuffed with junk—the laptop squaddies that have been as soon as stationed the following malfunctioned in the past and tore one another aside. five. damaged Soldier (CR 2) If the door to this room is opened, the door to zone three additionally opens, activating the desktop soldier in every one room. not like the denizen of room three, notwithstanding, this room’s soldier is broken. as well as having fewer hit issues, it services as though it have been pressured (despite the truth that, as a build, it’s in most cases proof against such effects). damaged desktop Soldier XP six hundred eight. The Imperfect Ones (CR four) This room as soon as served as transitority garage for desktop infantrymen that have been broken or destroyed in the course of checking out. If an individual comes inside of five toes of the door, it slides open instantly as a scrying crystal within the ceiling prompts, delivering dim gentle. The door will get caught midway open, then closes and makes an attempt to open back, repeating this at a expense of a number of makes an attempt in line with around till it truly is destroyed.

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