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By Amber E. Scott

  • The bustling bazaars of Absalom supply numerous delights, yet even they don't promote every thing. simply within the peerless markets of mysterious Katapesh can one locate something on the market, from the misplaced diamonds of a fallen empire to a grasp of slaves freshly captured off the internal coastline. This unique wasteland locale serves because the backdrop of the Legacy of fireside experience Path within the per thirty days Pathfinder series, and this informative, lushly illustrated, full-color advisor provides every thing gamers and video game Masters want to know to convey the darkish markets of Katapesh to bad life.

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An affected creature is handled as though below the consequences of a confusion spell. Ingested, fortress DC 14, creature affected as though by means of a confusion spell for 1 minute. rate: 1,500 gp (soluble tablet). Flayleaf Spider Venom: Harvested from the venomous spiders that infest the narcotic flayleaf plant (Pathfinder Chronicles crusade environment 216), this poison is a cheap yet seldom-lethal technique of debilitating an enemy. damage, citadel DC eleven, preliminary and secondary harm 1d3 Con. price: a hundred gp consistent with dose (liquid). Mage Bane: The Mana Wastes of Nex produce a depressing pink orchid known as a bloodspike. whilst dried and floor right into a powder and combined with striped toadstool, it creates a poison that makes it tremendous tricky for a creature lower than its results to accomplish any job requiring focus. touch, castle DC 20, preliminary and secondary +10 to all focus DCs for 1 hour. fee: 500 gp in step with dose (powder). 582119 582119 Jacenia Daleeb (LE lady human rogue 5/assassin 1) runs the Scorpion’s Sting with a sharp-eyed consciousness for information and a smart attentiveness to her consumers. Her assistant Manphir (LE male half-orc rogue four) retains issues meticulously ordered and protects his mistress’s wares from any unintentional demonstrations. every one desk bears an indication that states, “The employees of the Scorpion’s Sting isn't really answerable for the result of unsupervised sampling of any in their items. Please ask for information. ” the entire regular poisons can be found on the Scorpion’s Sting at their indexed costs. as well as being a proud and complete member of the Guild of Poison Makers, Jacenia is usually one of many greatest poison providers for contributors of the city’s underground Guild of Assassins, and acts as some extent of touch for acquiring their prone. For a small rate she will be able to organize conferences, drops, and relay messages. the entire above require a profitable DC 30 international relations money to earn her belief and willingness to assist. 32. The Slave Block: a protracted oblong block of stone with a collection of wood steps top as much as it serves as a platform for slaves to be displayed on the market. A member of the Auctioneers’ Guild runs the day-by-day revenues right here whereas squads of the Zephyr shield hold a watchful eye for any hassle from the crowds or the slaves. approximately any specimen of clever lifestyles might be bought the following, yet revenues all rely on the dealers’ wishes and tastes, in addition to what they could realistically deal with. for instance, ogres and trolls usually make it to the block, yet no longer each person can deal with such strong and brutish creatures. however, purchasers are chanced on, be they generals short of surprise troops for a few distant country’s battle efforts, or a few necromancer who wishes such creatures as residing parts for a horrif ic spell, or an boastful noble searching for a powerful bodyguard. A phone of Andoren freedom f ighters referred to as the metal Falcons operates out of Katapesh to focus on person slavers for assassination, sabotage, and guerilla assaults designed to disrupt their enterprise. The Slave Block is a common goal for plenty of in their guerilla assaults.

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