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  • The nice dragons of Golarion dominate the hidden mountain valleys of the realm and stand with serpentine grace on the middle of the world’s such a lot mysterious and powerful legendry. just like the best-selling Classic Monsters Revisited, Dragons Revisited takes a deeper examine the 10 canonical delusion dragons (red, blue, eco-friendly, black, white, gold, silver, bronze, brass, and copper), detailing the heritage, lore, ecological behavior, and schemes of every draconic breed. each one mini-section of the publication gains never-before-revealed information about a selected dragon, including a bunch of fascinating wyrms to any Pathfinder crusade.

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Silver dragons continue to exist the edges of mountains, normally less than the snow line within the hotter elements of the area. This sometimes brings them into conf lict with reds and whites, because the former are likely to declare all manners of mountains whereas the latter occasionally reside within the glacial caps of the top mountains. those conf licts fast develop into violent and constantly lead to the retreat or dying of 1 of the dragons, as compromise isn't an choice. frequently, while a white dragon sees a silver flow onto an analogous mountain it calls domestic, it fast packs up its hoard and f lees—hopefully prior to the silver spots it. darkish, dank, lonely caves seldom entice silver dragons, and such a lot of them wish to dwell inside or less than human or dwarf-built fortresses at the facets of mountains. those dragons don't brain caves as a lot in the event that they open out into a few nigh-impregnable citadel or fortress precariously perched upon a mountain. dwelling in or less than this kind of fort (which should always be managed by means of a pace-setter with a confirmed background of fine deeds and beneficiant works, ideally person who additionally believes strongly in legislation and order) provides the easiest situation for either dragon and landlord. The dragon has a ready-built and seriously defended lair within which he can cover his hoard and the citadel earnings a robust defender. Silver dragons favor cash and goods made up of silver, platinum, metal, and different “white” metals (including white gold). They alternate copper and gold cash for silver or platinum every time they could, and another way maintain them out of sight in steel chests close to, yet by no means a part of, their coin beds. This love of silver and platinum extends to the treasures they acquire: silver utensils and f latware, platinum jewellery, and different and artistic endeavors. The gemstones displayed through silver dragons are consistently diamonds and different white or transparent stones. Silvers significantly relish uncolored glass and are likely to gather 432571 forty nine 540752 432572 432572 Pathfinder Chronicles: Dragons Revisted 540753 540753 ornately adorned (preferably in silver or platinum) crystal and glass consuming vessels, spheres, or even mirrors. now not unusually, the magic goods they acquire more often than not are made up of glass, and so they appear to take pleasure in crystal balls, even supposing they infrequently utilize such goods. After defeating strong foes bearing coats of palms or different markers, silvers take such souvenirs again with them to their lairs, and comprise them into their hoards. between their mundane treasures, silver dragons acquire many army banners, shields, heraldic units, signature guns or armors, and different tokens of remembrance. whilst this stuff undergo magical auras or have been evidently labored by way of grasp craftsmen, rather a lot the higher. Silver dragons additionally take pleasure in gathering guns and armors from battles and armies with whom they've got no own involvement. a number of the maximum collections of such army paraphernalia belong to silver dragons, who're sometimes prepared to lend out the goods they personal if doing so serves the better solid.

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