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By Jason Bulmahn, Richard Pett, James L. Sutter

  • In the 3 many years because the start of myth roleplaying, a bunch of creatures specified to gaming have burst into dungeon corridors and trapped treasure chambers, wanting to eat intrepid explorers and adventurers. Dungeon Denizens Revisited provides an in-depth examine ten of those strange creatures, from the starving otyugh to the gargantuan crimson trojan horse. study the misplaced secrets and techniques of rust monsters, owlbears, and ropers, and pleasure at new makes use of for the mysterious mimic or the disgusting gelatinous dice. all the book’s ten chapters offers a dungeon denizen’s background, lore, ecological behavior, and schemes, with lots of recommendation on tips on how to use the creatures successfully in an RPG crusade — or find out how to kill them of their treacherous lairs.

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Mom and dad are much more ferocious while protecting their eggs; even male owlbears, who drag kills again to their nesting pals, are extra belligerent and delicate to the presence of intruders. Owlbear hatchlings succeed in adulthood after approximately 2 years. The younger are relatively liable to hunters at this early stage—immature owlbears are the simplest to coach, and a tender owlbear can promote for as much as 5,000 gp. This profitable exchange has ended in the founding of a number of businesses focusing on specialist owlbear hunting—fearless souls specialist within the insane habit in their prey. Habitat & Society Very sometimes a gaggle of owlbears joins a very large or fearsome male to shape a pack. those packs are typically short-lived, and once the provision of nutrition within the zone dwindles, the owlbears activate one another for sustenance. Owlbear hunters additionally notice that owlbears come jointly in such packs once they are being hunted. except this, or whilst informed owlbears are stored jointly, they generally tend to be solitary or hunt in mated pairs. An owlbear’s lair generally is a nest of significant dimension, that's filled with discarded goods from its kills. person lairs differ vastly counting on on hand prey and the luck of an owlbear’s looking. One lair can be a immense heap of gadgets among bushes containing wagon wheels from destroyed caravans, tree branches, and bones jutting up out of the most mass. one other can be a large pit of dust, alive with lice and decay, slightly masking a sequence of small caves full of eggs. a distinct beast may perhaps lair in a tremendous cavern jam-packed with a suffocating stench, its nest a chaos of haphazard building close to a churning pool shaped via a subterranean river. often, an owlbear lair has a 25% likelihood of getting 1d6 eggs or younger. crusade function Owlbears are typically used as likelihood encounters or as guardians for lairs, yet may also make for nice infestation monsters, pushed out of the wilds by means of necessity and humanoid encroachment into their habitats. As famous prior, owlbears react to being hunted through forming a pack, often led by means of a very fearsome male. An event may possibly occur in the course of a harsh wintry weather with the desktops holed up in a small village that's unexpectedly stricken by Dungeon Denizens Revisted: Owlbear owlbear assaults. those nocturnal ambushes supply an exceptional hunter-and-hunted kind of experience, with the computers requested to protect the village. this would then be prolonged by means of the surprising recognition that the assaults are clever, and led by means of a druid or wizard who desires the locals distracted so he can rebuild a close-by stone circle that lies hidden underneath the iciness snow. Conversely, the desktops could be contacted via a distraught naturalist trying to retailer the “noble beasts” from bands of grasping hunters bent on harvesting their eggs, forcing the desktops to danger their necks for beasts which are prone to assault them than savor their assistance. Owlbears make nice wild mounts and siege beasts (particularly within the corporation of orcs) or may be lethal partners of alternative humanoid creatures.

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