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By Brian Cortijo

  • Dominating the southeastern reaches of the internal Sea, the country of Qadira is without doubt one of the richest and strongest of the sector. alongside its roads commute numerous caravans and investors of unique wares, infusing the neighborhood markets with unusual spices, strange guns, and unique magic from the east.
  • This Pathfinder Companion explores the state of Qadira and its shining towns, and offers various suggestions for participant characters from the sector, together with new spells, new personality features, new magic goods, and a brand new status class.

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A few mages of the veil teach themselves as scouts and infiltrators, studying secrets and techniques intended for others whereas lurking in strangers’ halls. different mages easily are looking to merge with the crowds of Katheer and fade from view, rising the place none recognize in their strength or skills. this practice favors phantasm magic, and teaches conceal self sooner than revealing different spells to its adherents. Warding Magic With many of the traditions looking to swap, summon, burn, or mislead, it really is little ask yourself that the final of the Qadiran traditions is anxious with safety. Ward mages search to protect opposed to open air impression, to avoid the invasion of elemental forces or of alien beings, and to differently beat back the hazards inherent in dwelling in the empire. this custom courses its scholars towards the varsity of abjuration, and teaches them suffer parts as their first warding spell. different faculties of Magic Keleshites locate using magic to regulate or touch the useless to be morbid at most sensible, and an abhorrent sin opposed to existence on the worst. they don't think that any being might be overly excited about cryptic visions, nor do they savour the assumption of any type of spellcaster exploring or controlling the minds in their countrymen. those attitudes have avoided the expansion of any influential Qadiran culture in accordance with the necromancy, divination, or attraction colleges. members exist preferring those subject matters, yet and they profess to keep on with one of many 5 conventional colleges. Sorcerers those that don't officially research magic are seldom guided towards one university or one other. A sorcerer’s meant reference to genies could recommend that the philosophies of the basic or gen traditions may attract them, yet so much Qadiran sorcerers forget about wizardly classifications. Qadiran Attitudes Magic proliferates in Keleshite society, yet that isn't to assert that every one Qadirans are fullyyt happy with it. In Katheer and different towns, magic that builds, protects, or enforces one’s will is visible as a favorable; magic that disrupts order, interrupts exchange, enslaves the brain, or destroys estate is fullyyt unacceptable. the easiest kind of magic is that which improves and enriches the lifetime of the consumer by way of bringing luxurious and luxury. The worst is magic that kills, maims, or steals that which could be earned by means of sincere alternate. The 25 New neighborhood features the subsequent characteristics can be found in simple terms to characters from Qadira. Alchemical Prodigy: on your magical reviews, you've gotten realized to replacement the cautious software of alchemical rules for spell wisdom. decide upon one 1st-level spell from the bard, cleric, druid, or sorcerer/wizard spell record. when you have the Brew Potion feat, you could create potions of this spell as though it have been in your spell checklist. Elemental scholar: you might have studied on the toes of the masters of Katheer’s schools of magic, and so elevated your individual mastery of the weather. decide on one of many following strength forms: acid, chilly, electrical energy, or fireplace. while casting a spell of 1st point or greater that offers harm of your selected power kind, the spell offers 1 additional element of wear and tear of this sort.

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