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By Colin McComb, Tim Hitchcock

  • Enter the magical land of Tian Xia — the Dragon Empires — a brand new realm for gamers to discover. Player-friendly descriptions of greater than two-dozen international locations, new qualities for every, info on 5 new personality races (the birdlike tengu, the shapechanging foxlike kitsune, the shadow-wreathed wayang, the reptilian nagaji, and the spirit-bound samsaran), notes on neighborhood religions, new Asia-inspired archetypes, feats and martial arts types, magic goods, spells, and a method to trace honor and dishonor supply a variety of fascinating personality options.
  • Each bimonthly Pathfinder Companion comprises numerous player-focused articles exploring the volume’s subject in addition to brief articles with leading edge new principles for social, magic, spiritual, and combat-focused characters, in addition to characteristics to raised anchor the participant to the campaign.

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In those darkish streets and tunnels, it really is stated that it is easy to collect whatever if she is going deep sufficient, even though each one point of Undermarket turns into an increasing number of risky, because the reduce degrees are choked with degenerates from all corners of the area. a lot of the country of Hongal consists of scrublands and icy tundra, and its everyone is a hardened crew of nomadic horseback riders who commute those barren lands in teams of at any place from dozens to hundreds of thousands. in simple terms everlasting settlements exist—the city of Muliwan to the south and the capital of Ordu-Aganhei close to the northern border. Ordu-Aganhei marks the Tian finish of the trail of Aganhei, a very vital exchange direction among Tian Xia and Avistan. whereas the region’s unforgiving climate tempts a few to embody the settled lifestyles, those that live within the oases of civilization are seemed down on through horse lords. Harsh winds regularly whip around the dry, rolling hills of the land, and a very strong seasonal typhoon often called quqotengir (the “sky dragon’s indignant breath”) is principally feared, for these stuck in its midst are frequently discovered later as surprisingly mutilated corpses. In Hongal, one’s horse is one’s lifestyles, and the nomadic peoples’ lifestyle could be so much aptly defined through the neighborhood proverb, “A Hongali may possibly forged her son, daughter, and husband from her tent in a hurricane, yet she could keep on with them herself earlier than casting out her horse. ” Hongali horses are prized throughout Golarion as the superior breeds cash should buy. every one tribe of Hongali horseback riders is ruled by way of a baga bohd, an identical in energy to a duke, and the main strong tribe is overseen by means of the nation’s ruling khan. the present khan is Kiriltai Khan, a starving, short-tempered guy who's still recognized for his silver tongue. qualities qualities the subsequent are nearby features for Goka. Cosmopolitan: Your publicity to the various peoples intersecting in Goka and the tongues spoken there has given you a specific facility for speech. You achieve a +1 trait bonus on Linguistics exams, and Linguistics turns into a category ability for you. Undermarket Smuggler: You labored in Goka’s Undermarket for a time, and feature discovered find out how to evade the city’s tax creditors and the port inspectors. You achieve a +1 trait bonus on Bluff and Sleight of Hand tests. the subsequent are local characteristics for Hongal. Hongal Bloodrider: You belong to at least one of the nomadic teams of horseback riders that diversity all through Hongal. You achieve a +1 trait bonus on deal with Animal and experience exams. hurricane Hunter: You discovered to seek within the relentless winds of Hongal, and nonetheless make your arrows fly precise. whilst battling in windy climate, you deal with the wind class as one point decrease for the needs of picking out consequences on ranged assaults made with general guns. eleven ® ™ 12 Hwanggot Jinin nation of plants Displaced Elven state Alignment: NG Capital: Haseong (151,650) significant Races: Tian-Hwans (also kitsune, tengus, Tian-Dans, Tian-Dtangs, and Tian-Shus) significant Religions: Desna, Hei Feng, Kofusachi, Shelyn, solar Wukong Languages: Hwan, Tien Alignment: LG Capital: Ayajinbo (9,042) significant Races: Elves (also a few half-elves, samsarans, Taldans, and Tian-Mins) significant Religions: Desna, Qi Zhong, Shelyn, Shizuru, Tsukiyo Languages: Elven, Samsaran, Tien The peaceable country of Hwanggot is popular the continent over for having completed a tranquility few different international locations also can fathom.

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