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  • Humans consultant the future of the Pathfinder global as adventurers, politicians, criminals, and kings. Now, for the 1st time, the Pathfinder participant spouse delves into the historical past, tradition, and targets of Golarion’s people, from the near-extinct Azlanti and the decadent Taldans to the proud, primitive Kellids and Mwangi. New human-focused personality qualities and ideas for near-human gillmen and half-breeds around out this definitive guide.
  • Each quantity of the Pathfinder Companion comprises numerous player-focused articles exploring the volume’s subject, in addition to brief articles with cutting edge new principles for social, magic, spiritual, and combat-focused characters.

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Few Ulfen die of outdated age, in spite of the fact that, as fierce delight retains such a lot elders at the conflict line until eventually they fall in strive against. no longer all Ulfen are content material to stay their complete lives within the similar position, and truthfully, if all Ulfen stayed within the villages in their start, the clans may quickly turn into too giant to keep up. younger Ulfen frequently depart their extended family to head on quests or discover new lands. a few give some thought to this how to see anything of the area or reach a degree of glory prior to returning domestic to reside with their humans. Others locate they benefit from the nomadic way of life or locate new houses within which they want to reside their lives. Ulfen bodyguards and employed sailors will not be unusual through the southern lands, and are valued not just for his or her energy and talent, but in addition for his or her unique and enforcing visual appeal. Ulfen heritage is laced with stories of warriors who may well take the shape of animals. Even at the present time, Ulfen are likely to have excessive premiums of lycanthropy between their northern clans. Shapeshifting Ulfen aren't thought of cursed, yet blessed in its place with the prefer of nature spirits. Violent lycanthropes who can't keep watch over their urges are required to stick in a locked construction strengthened with silver and jam-packed with uncooked meat in the course of the complete moon. even if the Ulfen humans concentration a lot in their power on survival, additionally they comprehend the significance of rite and celebration—whether such occasions mark a brand new yr or the passing of a family member. Ulfen have many conventional fairs, so much centering round athletic contests of awl throwing, sled pulls, and foot races. consuming competitions also are renowned occasions, and the Ulfen’s acceptance as drunken louts most probably comes from foreigners witnessing those celebrations. 19 ® ™ Varisians Languages: universal, Varisian favourite areas: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Lastwall, Nidal, Nirmathas, Numeria, Ustalav, Varisia favourite Religions: Abadar, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Norgorber, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Urgathoa girl Names: Alika, Alinza, Anca, Bordana, Carmelizzia, Ilinica, Iolana, Luminita, Mirelinda, Narcizia, Nicinniana, Piousa, Zeldana, Zriorica Male Names: Alezandaru, Andrezi, Dortlin, Eugeni, Henric, Ionacu, Iozif, Kazallin, Marduzi, Silvui, Skender, Tiberiu, Viorec, Zandu, Zstelian visual appeal: Varisians have dusky pores and skin and massive, expressive eyes which are frequently of odd shades, equivalent to violet or gold. Their hair colour levels greatly, from platinum to blond to deep reds to brown to black—very few hair colours are thought of strange between Varisians. they have a tendency to be a lithe and long-limbed people, and males frequently have difficulty growing to be facial hair, making the patchy or stringy beards and mustaches of Sczarni thugs a well known glance. Many Varisians are wanderers and nomads, touring in caravans and preventing purely to place on unique exhibits or to swindle and seduce locals. but simply as many Varisians cool down and shape small cities or, in terms of Ustalav, complete countries. they are often chanced on all over there's a story to benefit, fortune to inform, or track to sing, yet are most typical within the lands north and west of Lake Encarthan, although they carry the lowlands of Varisia as their ancestral domestic.

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