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  • A solid online game grasp by no means has adequate monsters, and a very good participant continuously has time to kill a number of extra! the most recent hardcover rulebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game presents greater than three hundred new creatures for your whole delusion RPG wishes. From vintage creatures like undead dragons, hippogriffs, and the Jabberwock to denizens of the outer planes like daemons, proteans and the all-new aeons, the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 is packed from cover-to-cover with interesting surprises and gas for one thousand campaigns!

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This can be a mind-affecting impression that doesn't paintings on animals, different gremlins, or gnolls. Any personality who profits any type of good fortune bonus (such as that granted through a luckstone or divine want) is resistant to the pugwampi unluck air of secrecy. 1300469 530230 530230 1300470 1300470 Gremlin, Pugwampi–Gremlin, Vexgit Gremlin, Vexgit With a head like an offended crustacean, this fierce little insectoid creature clacks and rattles with a tiny yet solid-looking hammer. Vexgit XP four hundred CR 1 LE Tiny fey Init +1; Senses darkvision one hundred twenty toes. , low-light imaginative and prescient; notion +5 safeguard AC 15, contact thirteen, flat-footed 14 (+1 Dex, +2 typical, +2 measurement) hp eight (1d6+5) citadel +2, Ref +3, Will +3 DR 5/cold iron; SR 12 Offense velocity 20 toes. , climb 20 feet. Melee warhammer +3 (1d4–2/×3), chew –2 (1d3–2) area 2-1/2 feet. ; succeed in zero feet. targeted assaults fast sabotage, wrecking team Spell-Like skills (CL 1st; focus +1) At will—prestidigitation 1/hour—rusting snatch, snare Maniacally harmful little brutes, vexgits relish scrapping and sabotaging the works of bigger races. the bigger and extra advanced the objective, the higher. whereas this sort of spiteful gremlins could savor trapping an individual in the back of a door with a jammed lock, loosening the wheels on a carriage, or sneakily removal the entire nails from a small boat, it’s while teams of vexgits social gathering that they’re actually risky. In such cases, the portcullis of a vexgit-infested gatehouse becomes a dangerous weapon, whereas a clock tower turns into an avalanche of gears ready to topple. Engineers warn apprentices of masterful structures destroyed by way of those unruly gremlins, with many blaming their maximum disasters on such tiny saboteurs. Like so much gremlins, vexgits like to stay underground, yet towns and the units they locate there fascinate them, usually drawing mobs of the damaging fey to sewer tunnels and deserted warehouses. Vexgits stand 1-1/2 toes tall and weigh nearly sixteen kilos. facts Str 6, Dex thirteen, Con 14, Int 12, Wis thirteen, Cha eleven Base Atk +0; CMB –1; CMD 7 Feats ability concentration (Disable Device), ToughnessB, Weapon FinesseB abilities Appraise +2, Climb +10, Craft (traps) +5, Disable machine +9, wisdom (engineering) +2, notion +5, Stealth +13 (+17 in steel or stony parts, +9 whilst moving); Racial Modifiers +4 Disable equipment, +4 Stealth in steel or stony parts, –4 Stealth while relocating Languages Undercommon 530230 Ecology atmosphere any underground or city association solitary, pair, mob (3–12), or infestation (13–20 with 1–3 sorcerers of 1st–3rd point, 1 rogue chief of 2nd–4th point, 2–14 educated dire rats, 2–5 proficient venomous snakes, and 1–3 rat swarms) Treasure commonplace (warhammer, different treasure) detailed talents quickly Sabotage (Su) Vexgits are adept at disassembling equipment, decreasing even advanced units to trash with surprising velocity. whilst utilizing the Disable gadget ability, those gremlins deal with all units as being one classification less complicated for the needs of choosing how lengthy it takes to exploit the ability.

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