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By James Wyatt

New thoughts and personality hooks for dragonborn characters.

If you must play the last word dragonborn hero, this booklet is for you!

This enlargement of the Player’s Handbook® middle rulebook explores the mysteries of the dragonborn. It provides D&D® avid gamers with intriguing new techniques for his or her dragonborn characters, together with specific racial feats, powers, paragon paths, and epic destinies. This e-book additionally comprises how one can flesh out your dragonborn character’s historical past and character.

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The additional harm raises to four at eleventh point and five at twenty first point. DRACONIC ENMITY DRACONIC MAJESTY Prerequisite: Dragonborn, avenger, oath ofenmity energy, dra80n breath racial strength gain: If the objective ofyour oath ofenmity is the single goal ofyour dra80n breath, you may make assault rolls and use both end result, as though you have been creating a melee assault opposed to the objective. Prerequisite: Dragonborn, any divine category, Chan­ nel Divinity type function profit: for those who use a Channel Divinity energy, bloodied enemies inside of five squares of you are taking a -2 pen­ alty to all defenses till the tip of your subsequent flip . targeted BREATH DRACONIC therapeutic Prerequisite: Dragonborn, cleric, healin8 note energy profit: if you happen to use healin8 note when you are bloodied, the objective regains extra hit issues equivalent on your structure modifier. DRACONIC HUNTER Prerequisite: Dragonborn, dra80n breath racial energy, ranger, Hunter's Quarry type function profit: if you happen to hit your quarry together with your dra80n breath, you achieve a +2 bonus in your assault rolls opposed to that focus on till the tip of your subsequent flip. Prerequisite: Dragonborn, dra80n breath racial strength profit: should you use your dra80n breath , you could decide to make it an in depth blast 1 rather than a detailed blast three. Ifyou do, upload 2 to the wear roll. raise this to four at eleventh point, and to six at twenty first point. wonderful VICTORY Prerequisite: Dragonborn, any martial cl ass gain: as soon as in step with stumble upon, in case you lessen an enemy to zero hit issues or fewer with an assault, you could spend a therapeutic surge. HURL BREATH Prerequisite: Dragonborn, dra80n breath racial energy gain: in the event you use your dra80n breath, you could decide to make it a space burst 2 inside of 10 squares rather than an in depth blast three. INSPIRING TRIUMPH Prerequisite: Dragonborn, barbarian, roar of triumph strength profit: Allies within the burst of your roar of triumph achieve a +1 bonus to all defenses until eventually the tip ofyour subsequent flip. Io's problem Prerequisite: Dragonborn. paladin. divine problem strength gain: while a creature takes harm out of your divine problem, upload your structure modifier to the wear it takes while you're bloodied. strong BREATH Prerequisite: Dragonborn, dragon breath racial strength gain: opt for a capability ranking. Use this skill ranking for assault and harm rolls on your dragon breath any longer . RAGING DRAKE shape Prerequisite: Dragonborn. druid. wild form strength. dragon breath racial strength profit: while you're in beast shape. you achieve a +1 bonus to assault rolls and harm rolls whereas bloodied. unbelievable BREATH Prerequisite: Dragonborn, dragon breath racial energy profit: if you happen to hit a creature together with your dragon breath, you achieve strive against virtue opposed to that creature till the beginning of your subsequent flip. PARAGON TIER FEATS Any feat during this part is out there to a personality of eleventh point or better who meets the necessities. ADMIXTURE BREATH Prerequisite: eleventh point. dragonborn. dragon breath, racial strength. Adaptable Breath feat profit: if you happen to use your dragon breath you could decide on for it to deal different types of harm.

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