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This richly illustrated ebook is an exploration of ways likelihood and hazard, at the one hand, and that means or importance at the different, compete for the limelight in artwork, in philosophy, and in technology. In sleek society, prudence and likelihood calculation permeate our day-by-day lives. but it truly is transparent for all to determine that neither wary financial institution laws nor arithmetic have avoided financial crises from taking place repeatedly. Nicolas Bouleau argues that it's the which means we assign to an occasion that determines the perceived danger, and that we usually flip a blind eye to this crucial truth, as the be aware "meaning" is itself awkward to provide an explanation for. He tackles this primary query via examples taken from cultural fields starting from portray, structure, and song, to poetry, biology, and astronomy. this permits the reader to view overwhelming dangers in a unique mild. Bouleau clarifies that an important factor in a time of uncertainty is to consider prudence on the next point, one who really addresses some of the subjective interpretations of the world.

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