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By Toby Frost

In the twenty fifth Century the British area Empire faces the collection threat of the evil ant-soldiers of the Ghast Empire hive, hell-bent on galactic domination and the extermination of all humanoid existence. Isambard Smith is the square-jawed, brave, and a little bit asinine new commander of the conflict broken gentle freighter John Pym, destined to tackle the alien hazard simply because not anyone else is on the market. with his daring crew—a skull-collecting alien lunatic, an android pilot who's really a fugitive intercourse toy, and a hamster known as Gerald—he needs to gather new-age herbalist Rhianna Mitchell from the laid again New Francisco orbiter and produce her again to safeguard within the Empire. ordinary enough—except the Ghasts wish her too. If he's to come again to Blighty alive, Smith needs to defeat void sharks, a universe-weary android murderer, and John Gilead, psychopathic naval officer from the fanatically non secular Republic of recent Eden sooner than dealing with his maximum enemy: a ruthless alien warlord with a truly huge behind.

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Maintain going. If we remain in this direction and at this pace, we should always be fantastic. ’ anything exploded in the back of them. the full send lurched ahead and Smith was once thrown again in his seat, knocking the air from his lungs. within the front room, Rhianna shrieked. caution lighting broke out around the console. A siren howled within the hall. ‘Something’s incorrect! ’ Smith yelled. ‘Really? ’ Carveth shouted again. the teeth gritted, she was once wrestling the regulate stick as though combating a cobra. ‘Do you're thinking that so? ’ ‘Dammit, we’re hit! What’s the wear and tear? ’ cried the captain. ‘Serious hull weakening at the port! Engine’s shutting all the way down to hinder overheating. We’re right down to 40 percentage potency. ’ ‘Hell! Can’t you override it? ’ ‘Not until you need to be in galaxies without delay. even more and it explodes. ’ ‘Dammit to hell! ’ Smith pinched his forehead. toes pattered at the flooring at the back of him, and he heard Rhianna say, ‘I fell off my chair. Is anything unsuitable? ’ ‘Just a bit,’ Carveth referred to as again. Panting, she published the stick. The send stayed point. ‘Torpedo up the poo-chute. ’ ‘Oh Gaia! Is it – like what occurred to the opposite send? ’ ‘Looks that approach. ’ The loudspeakers squealed. unexpectedly the room was once choked with sour, raucous sounds, as if they'd tuned by chance into a few frenzied squabble in a duckpond. The voices barked and hissed at each other, like ducks suffering to specific human anger. within the stillness after the explosion, all 4 of them stared up on the audio system like prisoners ready to listen to the sentence handed. ‘What is that? ’ Rhianna breathed. ‘Ghasts,’ Smith spoke back. ‘Attention human scum! ’ the loudspeaker screeched. ‘Attention human scum! Ghast Empire calling! ’ Very slowly, Isambard Smith picked up the intercom. ‘Put me on, Carveth. ’ ‘Right. ’ ‘Ghast send, this is often Captain Isambard Smith of the second one British Empire. What do you need? ’ ‘The destruction of the whole human race! area will be cleansed of the human taint! ’ ‘Anything we will be able to do, or are you simply usually pissed off? ’ ‘You will convey the lady from New Fran to us instantly. Failure to take action will lead to your quick and ruthless annihilation! ’ the 3 workforce watched Smith’s pallid face. a gentle sheen of sweat had seemed at his hairline. He swallowed. ‘You won't have this girl. you're open air Ghast house and performing illegally. ’ ‘Silence! there's no legislation! there's basically power! you'll hand over instantly and go the lady to us, or we will damage you all! ’ ‘You are creating a very grave mistake,’ Smith stated quietly. The voice gave an insane, wild snigger. ‘We don't make errors! hand over instantly! Resistance is fertile! ’ ‘Don’t you suggest futile? ’ ‘… That’s what I stated! give up or die! ’ ‘How dare you! Do you're thinking that i might quit a lady, anyone who i'm honour-bound to provide safeguard on my send, simply because the boastful minions of an alien despot hurl threats and abuse at me? ’ ‘Well, sure, we do. ’ ‘Alright then, supply us ten mins. ’ ‘Hahaha! Puny weaklings surren—’ Smith hung up. ‘Oh no. ’ Rhianna closed her eyes and positioned her arms out in entrance of her.

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