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Attending to grips with a international language isn't effortless, and so much word books are too convoluted that will help you in case you really want it. Spanish to head is right here to aid. utilizing daily Spanish for daily eventualities, this booklet is your passport to survival on the airport, in bars and eating places, lodges or at any place you find yourself. supplying you with crucial phrases and words for the main sensible of events, all with phonetic pronunciations to make tackling Spanish that little bit more straightforward, Spanish to head has you lined.

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Dónde están los probadores? don’day es-tahn’ los prob-ah-dor’es Excuse me, do you promote ... ? Disculpe, �tienen ... ? dis-kool’pay tee-ay’nen aspirin aspirinas ahs-pee-ree’nahs cigarettes cigarrillos thee-gar-ree’yos condoms condones kon-do’nays English newspapers periódicos ingleses pay-ree-o’dee-kos inglay’says postcards postales pos-tah’lays stamps sellos say’yos road maps of the neighborhood quarter mapas callejeros de los angeles zona mah’pahs kah-yay-hay’ros day lah tho’nah I’ll take one / / 3 of these ... Deme uno / dos / tres ... day’may oo’noh / dos / tres I’ll take it. Me lo llevo. may well loh yay’boh That’s too dear. Do you might have whatever more affordable? Es demasiado caro. �Tiene algo más barato? es day-mah-see-ah’doh kah’roh. tee-ay’nay al’goh mahs bah-rah’toh the place do I pay? �Dónde se paga? don’day say pah’gah attainable answer you could pay over there. Puede pagar allí. poo-ay’day pah-gar’ ah-yee’ may possibly i've got a bag, please? Deme una bolsa, por want. day’may oo’nah bol’sah por fah-bor’ I don’t desire a bag. No necesito una bolsa. noh nay-thay-see’toh oo’nah bol’sah attainable REPLIES am i able to assist you? �Necesita ayuda? nay-thay-see’tah ah-yoo’dah We don’t promote ... No tenemos ... no tay-nay’mohs That’ll be ... euros, please. Son ... euros, por desire. son ... ay’oo-ros por fah-bor’ MAKING pals hello! My identify is … �Hola! Me llamo … oh-lah. may well yah’moh happy to satisfy you. (m/f) Encantado(a). en-kahn-tah’doh(dah) What’s your identify? �Cómo te llamas? ko’moh tay yah’mahs the place are you from? �De dónde eres? day don’day ay’rays I’m from England. Soy de Inglaterra. soy day in-glah-tay’rah have you ever been right here lengthy? �Llevas mucho tiempo aquí? yay’bahs moo’cho tee-em’poh ah-kee’ How lengthy are you the following for? �Cuánto tiempo te quedas? koo-ahn’toh tee-em’poh tay kay’dahs attainable REPLIES I’ve simply arrived. Acabo de llegar aquí. ah-kah’boh day yay-gar’ ah-kee’ I’ve been the following for … days / weeks / months. Llevo … días / semanas / meses aquí. yay’boh … dee’ahs / say-mah’nahs / may’ses ah-kee’ I stay right here. Vivo aquí. bee’boh ah-kee’ How are you doing? �Qué tal estás? kay tahl es-tahs’ effective, thank you. and also you? Bien, gracias. �Y tú? bee-en’ grah’thee-ahs. ee too What form of paintings do you do? �De qué trabajas? day kay trah-bah’has do you want a drink? �Quieres tomar algo? kee-ay’rays to-mahr’ al’goh beers, please. Dos cervezas, por prefer. dos ther-bay’thas por fah-bor’ It’s my deal with / it’s on me. Te invito. tay een-bee’toh My pal is paying. Paga mi amigo. pah’gah mee ah-mee’goh do we cut up the invoice? �Dividimos los angeles cuenta? dee-bee-dee’mos lah koo-en’tah What’s your friend’s identify? (m/f) �Cómo se llama tu amigo(a)? ko’mo say yah’mah too ah-mee’goh(gah) Are you unmarried / married? (m/f) �Estás soltero(a) / casado(a)? es-tahs’ sol-tay’roh(rah) / kah-sah’doh(dah) Do you could have a boyfriend / female friend? �Tienes novio / novia? tee-en’ays noh’bee-oh / noh’bee-ah attainable answer i've got a boyfriend / female friend again domestic. Tengo novio / novia en mi país. tayn’goh noh’bee-oh / noh’bee-ah en mee pah-ees’ Are you looking forward to a person?

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