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By T.H. Lain

Far underneath the earth, a sinister ritual occurs. A corrupt cleric seeks the attention of Gruumsh, a relic sacred to the hideous god of the orcs. opposed to him stand a scullery maid, a paladin, a clergyman of the god Pelor, and a half-orc barbarian.

Will they be enough?

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5 units of fins sliced ominously towards the sting of the putrid pond the place the heroes stood. ahead of she may possibly understand their value, Yddith heard Krusk loudly proclaim, “Five heads! ” instantly she understood as she observed the large creature breach the scum-filled water. certainly, there have been 5 heads on 5 lengthy necks. Yddith had heard of hydras, as had the others, yet listening to tales and seeing along with your personal eye have been really diverse. Yddith hastily reached for the wool and questioned what ghost sound she may use opposed to the beast. firstly, she inspiration she may create an eagle’s cry in the back of one of many heads. She felt encouraged as she watched Jozan eliminate a candle from his pouch and instantly elevate his voice in a psalm of Pelor. She heard his voice dance alongside the wind and it appeared as though the wind sang in concord. She observed a small streak of alluvial lightning and, because it dissipated, a celestial eagle seemed. Yddith did not act. She used to be mesmerized through the push of conflict round her. She watched Alhandra cut down out together with her sword, omit the writhing hydra head nearest to her, and swiftly retreat. The leftmost head of the hydra sank its tooth into Alhandra’s gauntleted left hand and tore the gauntlet off, scraping and cutting open the flesh with either the tortured steel from the gauntlet itself and the beast’s knifelike incisors. A rivulet of blood flowed from Alhandra’s wrist to her hands, however it didn’t deter the paladin from stepping as much as the writhing heads once more. This time, as one of many heads plunged towards Alhandra in violent imitation of its fellow, it was once intercepted through a brilliant flash of sunshine that not just distracted the beast yet astounded either it and the originator of the beam. Yddith used to be surprised. The flash had come from her. She learned with remorse that her unforeseen trick had did not faze a couple of head. one other fanged maw struck at Alhandra and its enamel raked the paladin’s armor, sending a painful screech throughout the air like fingernails on hardened slate. Yddith couldn’t aid yet ask yourself the way it had occurred. She had as soon as noticeable the sorceress discourage a drunkard by way of blinding him with a flash of sunshine. because the hydra lunged towards Alhandra, Yddith had needed she remembered the facility be aware utilized by the sorceress to turn on her flare. while the celestial note for “brilliance” entered her brain, she’d spoken it with out contemplating its that means. strength swelled within her and shot from her empty eye socket, focusing during the emerald and flaring close to the monster’s head. As wonderful because the spell was once to Yddith, she learned that that second used to be no time to live on it. The hydra’s heart head snapped uselessly at Krusk, and its neighbor bit at Jozan with no connecting. one other head, besides the fact that, engulfed the physique of the eagle. Feathers flew like a whirlwind from the chicken earlier than it shimmered and disappeared into the measurement from which Jozan had summoned it. Yddith fast learned that there have been too many heads, and her partners weren't causing sufficient harm to make a distinction.

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