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By Jess K. Gilmour

A realistic Astronomer's Deep-sky better half is a vital learn for deep-sky observers, whether or not they have an interest in imaging or simply sightseeing. this gorgeous large-format full-colour booklet is designed to be taken out into the sector in the course of staring at to supply all of the info invaluable for locating and imaging attention-grabbing deep-sky items. there's a large volume of knowledge packed into every one unfold - images, place, maps, suggested publicity instances, and lots more and plenty, even more. each novice astronomer will desire a replica of this! -The basically publication to supply the entire observational info wanted for box use through deep-sky observers! -Large-format, full-colour spreads for ease of use. -Images in addition to information for all of the best deep-sky items. -Finder maps for all gadgets. -Recommended publicity instances for imaging. -Organised through constellation.

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