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By Richard Lee Byers

Aoth and the Brotherhood of the Griffon have succeeded in rescuing Tchazzar, the misplaced king of Chessenta and an impressive pink dragon, and are rewarded with a freelance to help in his warfare with a strong dracolich. however the extra Aoth sees of the battle, the extra suspicious he turns into that the Brotherhood will be only a pawn in a cutthroat draconic video game that places entire kingdoms at risk--a video game performed for stakes of gold and blood. And the extra he sees the sport play out, the extra he realizes that he'll need to develop into a participant during this most threatening of video games if he wishes the geographical regions to stay unfastened.

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For there have been such a lot of enemies whose deeds cried out for revenge. probably the right way to decide on was once to evaluate how vengeance may most sensible paintings within the carrier of his different pursuits. And while he thought of his state of affairs in these phrases, he knew the place to move subsequent. * * * * * Khouryn leaped apart, and the red worm’s fangs clashed close within the spot the place he’d simply been status. He stepped in, swung his awl, and gashed one in all bulges that ran down the size of the creature’s physique. The riposte must have been secure. via rights, the malicious program shouldn’t were capable of twist the neckless nub of a head on the finish of its thick shape a long way sufficient to threaten him anew. yet by some means it did. The jaws opened broad, revealing the fanglike protrusions that covered the mouth the entire long ago and on down the throat. The spikes heaved and rippled with one of those peristalsis, and a scorching, rotten stench poured forth. The creature’s head jumped at him. Khouryn attempted to stay clear of, and his boot landed on whatever slippery. He lurched off stability and felt a jolt of terror on the most probably effects. Then a hand clutched his shoulder and jerked. It was once barely enough to tug him out of harm’s approach, and the large fangs grated as they once more snapped close on empty air. Medrash had permit his sword grasp from its martingale to seize him. The paladin tossed his arm and stuck the weapon through the hilt because it flipped upward. “Have you fought those ahead of? ” he requested. “A couple times,” Khouryn acknowledged. “It takes loads of slicing. ” “I’m sorry to listen to that,” Balasar acknowledged, advancing at the creature along with his buckler prolonged and his sword excessive. “Because there are of them. ” Khouryn tangled up an obscenity. He desired to look round and be certain the place the opposite bug had popped up—and make sure what Gestanius used to be doing, for that matter—but then the 1st malicious program resumed relocating, and he learned it may simply suggest his loss of life to appear away. The creature comprehensive writhing out of its gap and struck at Medrash at the same time. He blocked along with his guard and should have channeled a few of Torm’s strength to do it, or the impression may have knocked him off his ft. most likely hoping to arrive a few susceptible or gentle half, he stepped in shut and slashed on the within the worm’s mouth. The beast recoiled, jerking its head again, up, and out of the dragonborn’s succeed in. however the creature instantly twisted and bit at one of many Platinum Cadre warriors. the guy interposed his targe as Medrash had, and it kept his existence. however the worm’s enamel clanged close at the edges of the guard and wrenched it away. The jerk had without doubt both damaged or dislocated the dragonborn’s arm, and he dropped his mace and reeled backward. The computer virus swallowed the targe. “Squads! ” Khouryn bellowed. “Flank it! Like scuffling with something mammoth! Like I taught you! ” Warriors scrambled to shape up.

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