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By Brian Jacques

Acclaimed myth author Brian Jacques back welcomes readers to the amazing global of Redwall. 

Enslaved by way of the evil ferret King Agarno and his daughter, Princess Kurda, the courageous squirrelmaid Triss, besides Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog, plans a bold break out through sea. In her flights, Triss occurs upon Redwall, and the abbey creatures find a new hero in her. anyone courageous sufficient to hold the sword of Martin and face the evil that threatens them.

"Scrumptious feasts, rollicking humor, swashbuckling heroes, devoted buddies, and treacherous villains magically mix via 3 intertwined action-packed plots into one unforgettable, spellbinding story." --VOYA

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Achoo! Achoo! Ah . . . Ah . . . Achoooooh! Whew, pardon me! ” They sat at the wallsteps jointly. elevating his eyebrows in resignation, the Abbot sighed. “Oh good, if it’s that important i guess we’ll need to organise the whole lot and do it thoroughly. Skipper, do you want to be answerable for issues? ” The otter waved his rudder respectfully. “My excitement, Abbot. ” Apodemus leaned again, ultimate his eyes on the brilliant sunlight. “Thank you, my buddy, i do know i will be able to depend on you. Mmm, it’s great and hot right here. Summer’ll quickly be upon us. ” Skipper started to take into account what it was once he were going to assert. regrettably his ideas have been interrupted through Memm Flackery, top a pack of dancing Dibbuns towards them, every one of the little creatures making a song uproariously. “Summer summer time summer season solar, Rumpetty dumpetty dumpetty dum, See birds a-chirpin’ within the air An’ bees a-buzzin’ far and wide. With sunlight to polish an’ hot my fur, Oh how might i've got a care, a care, Oh how might i've got a care? summer time summer time summer season sunlight, That’s the time for havin’ enjoyable, Grasshoppers whirr an’ hop round, plant life come shootin’ out the floor, Butterflies move with out a sound, As vivid lengthy days abound, abound, As brilliant lengthy days abound! summer time summer season summer time solar, Can’t capture me ’cos off I’ll run, I’ll sprint into the stawb’rry patch An’ each one I see I’ll seize. Gobble it up, correct down the hatch, an excellent tummyache I’ll trap, I’ll capture, an excellent tummyache I’ll capture! ” Panting and blowing, Memm Flackery plumped down at the wallsteps, mopping her forehead with an apron nook. “Whoo, I’m gettin’ too blinkin’ outdated for this lark, wot! simply lookit these little fiends, every one of ’em may possibly scoff adequate breakfast to sink a boat after which sing like a pack of wolves an’ dance the bloomin’ paws from lower than you! ” The Dibbuns swarmed over Abbot Apodemus, sitting on his lap, leaning on his shoulder and clambering on his again. “Goo’ mornin’, Farver H’Abbot, lubberly day izzenit! ” Apodemus groaned less than the burden of Abbeybabes, chuckling. “So, what do you villains wish out of your Abbot, eh? ” Turfee the mousebabe tugged at the Abbot’s whiskers. “Us wanna cross onna treasure ’unt with you, h’all people! ” Skipper scooped tiny our bodies off Apodemus. “Ahoy there, associates, we can’t take you all. There’s a long way too many in yore workforce, you’d be gettin’ misplaced in every single place Mossflower. Ruggum’n’Bikkle’s the single we want. ” The Dibbuns, who may well shed sour tears at a moment’s realize, manage a heartrending refrain of wails. “Waaaaahahawaaaaaaahwannagooooo! ” The Harenurse tweaked Skipper’s rudder seriously. “Y’ nice heartless beast, sah, fancy upsettin’ my babes like that. S’pose I’ll jolly good need to make the peace. ” She pulled a tiny mole out of the pack and wiped his eyes. “Listen up, younger stumptail, i would like y’to pass and locate Foremole. inform him that Memm should be baking blackberry cream muffins this present day. Oh, an’ ask him if he can locate a few jolly important creatures t’lend a paw to make ’em. Run alongside now, wot! ” as though by way of magic the wailing and weeping ceased.

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