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By Paramhansa Yogananda

One of many nice prayer scriptures of all time is now on hand in paperback. Yogananda instructed his disciples to learn Whispers from Eternity each day-that via those prayers, he could advisor them after his passing. With imagery that's vividly appealing and powerfully alive, Yogananda's prayers draw God into each element of way of life, because the nearest and dearest cherished.

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Train me to suppose Thy breath flowing with my breath. educate me to cognize Thy presence in my feelings. educate me to understand Thy knowledge in my knowing. educate me to feel Thy all-pervading existence in my existence. Oh! flood my senses with Thy gentle. c 1 1 7 C Prayer‑Demand for Illumination O Spirit, loved Father, Oversoul of the Universe, Spirit of Spirits, good friend of associates: educate me the secret of my life! educate me to worship Thee in breathlessness and in deathlessness. within the hearth of devotion burn away my lack of awareness. within the stillness of my soul—come, Spirit, come! own me and train me to think Thy immortal presence in and round me. Come, Spirit, come! Come, Spirit, come! c 1 1 eight C Prayer ahead of Meditation O Father, my little prayers are all roused in reverence, awaiting Thee. My little joys dance in music with the temple-bells of internal concord. The muffled drum of my yearning beats deeply for Thee. My ardour and my lack of understanding wait tremblingly to be sacrificed on Thine altar. I shall say my prayers with mystic beads made from my crystal teardrops, and polished with my love for Thee. I shall cleanse the altar of my middle with my repentance. Come! I lengthy for Thy presence! nine five c 1 1 nine C Hidden within the ashes of burnt unhappiness, i discovered Thy Golden Presence Father Divine, banish me no longer in silence. I stand lonely with no Thee. permit me no longer turn into imprisoned in my paintings, in order that I disregard Thee. i'm going to pass inside of, in meditation, to carry Thee with no into of lifestyles. anywhere Thou dost position me, there needs to Thou come. Hidden in the ashes of my burnt disappointment, I shall locate Thy golden presence. c 1 2 zero C obtain the orphans and the ; they've got come to Thy door The orphans and the troubled have heard of Thy therapeutic energy. they've got come to Thy door. Wilt Thou flip them away emptyhanded? these whose hearts are breaking with unhappiness and melancholy: dry their scalding teardrops with Thy invisible hand. people who are misplaced in delusion—to whom shall they flip, yet to Thee? raise Thine unseen veil of silence and seem in Thy overwhelming, divine compassion. earlier than the arrival of the sunrise of Thy presence, all their darkish problems will take to the air. c 1 2 1 C Come to me as Kindness (Inspired through Ram Prasad’s tune) Will that day sunrise for me, O Divine mom, whilst uttering Thy identify will deliver floods of tears, to inundate the drought96 land of my middle and burst open the darkish gates of my lack of know-how? Oh, then, within the lake of my collected tears will develop the lotus of luminous knowledge: All darkness in my brain can be dispelled. O formless, all-pervading mom Divine, come to me within the kind of tangible kindness! Take me clear of those beaches of millennial disappointment. c 1 2 2 C fulfill my Soul‑Hunger O All-Pervading Spirit, the breeze of Thy notion has got rid of each cloud from my middle. The firmament of my brain is now transparent. Purified, I behold basically Thee, far and wide. the light of Thy pleasure spreads swiftly to the farthest shorelines of my being. After lengthy a long time of starvation, I feed on Thy mild.

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