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By Elaine Cunningham

Crossing the vast nation-states of Faerûn looking for experience, the darkish elf princess Liriel Baenre and her better half Fyodor locate themselves within the barbarian’s native land of Rashemen. In a land governed through witches, Liriel needs to conceal herself lest she spark the people’s hatred of darkish elves.

Yet from the deep tunnels of the Underdark, glittering eyes and a brain twisted by means of malice are observing her each stream, getting ready for vengeance.

The liberate of Windwalker brings to an in depth a chain first started by way of New York Times bestselling writer Elaine Cunningham greater than 8 years in the past. Following the recovers of Daughter of the Drow and Tangled Webs, the 1st titles within the sequence, this all-new novel gains conceal artwork via award-winning delusion artist Todd Lockwood and is the 1st hardcover unencumber from Cunningham in 5 years.

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You spotted that, did you? If he can ship be aware to this guy ahead of we succeed in the harbor, he can alert others, in addition. good, permit him. lets use just a little pleasure. ” At that second a scream, livid and feminine, rose from the rear of the send. Liriel watched with enjoyment as Ibn grappled with the revived genasi, shouting colourful warnings at his males to face apart as he carried the suffering, cursing creature over to the aspect of the send. nearer handy, sailors stumbled by way of, dragging a bullywug carcass by way of the toes. Fyodor helped them heave the useless monster over the rail. That entire, he despatched a wry smile towards the drow. “I am such a lot to grasp, little raven, what you are going to examine pleasure. ” Liriel drew close to and advised him, in a sultry whisper and with significant aspect. whilst she paused for breath, Fyodor shook his head in half-feigned astonishment. “The nighttime watch starts in 4 hours. Is there time for all that? ” She despatched him a sidelong look and strode towards the carry. “I don’t know,” she stated casually. “So some distance, nobody has survived the 1st hour. ” The Rashemi chuckled, yet his laughter light after a second handed and Liriel didn't take part. “You have been jesting, have been you now not? ” he known as after her. No solution got here from lower than decks. After a second, Fyodor shrugged and commenced down the ladder. The evening used to be younger, the moon used to be vibrant, and there have been many worse how one can die. bankruptcy 3 DEEP WATERS within the waters a ways under jumping Narwhal, Xzorsh swam eastward, cause upon making sure that the drow’s trip persevered on a comparatively sedate path. throughout him, even if, used to be proof that his selected job wouldn't be a simple one. Bullywug carcasses drifted lazily downward, and blood spiraled out into the darkish water. The sharks might quickly assemble, harbingers of slower yet much more fearsome scavengers. Human sailors knew the skin of the ocean and understood whatever of her moods and caprices. The depths have been a secret to them, an enormous and unfathomable position defined in music and tale because the “silent halls of Umberlee. ” the ocean Xzorsh knew used to be faraway from silent. Bubbles murmured and popped on their course towards the celebrities. the sophisticated sleek of current-tossed sea grass gave an actual file of tides, currents, depths. Fish clicked and squealed as they schooled throughout the darkish waters. A low refrain of grumbling croaks, fading within the distance, marked the bullywugs’ retreat. Whale-song from pod rose and fell in a haunting, plaintive melody. A discreet clicking development, nearly inaudible above the advanced murmur of the ocean, warned Xzorsh of the ambush forward. He loosened the guns on his belt: a good knife, fire-forged through land-dwelling elves, and one among his valuable throwing crabs. Seizing the component of shock in his personal webbed fingers, he pulled his spear and dived towards a thick stand of sea grass. numerous sea elves erupted from their hiding position, scattering after which regrouping to enclose Xzorsh. one in every of them, a wide girl whose head was once shaved to raised reveal her skin’s dramatic green-and-silver markings, was once identified to him.

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