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By Kimberly K. Arcand, Megan Watzke

An wonderful and available journey to the main fascinating stops within the cosmos. observed by way of dramatic visuals, Your price tag to the Universe is a hybrid coffee-table ebook and box guide.

Beginning with our domestic planet, Your price ticket to the Universe embarks on an wonderful and available journey to the main attention-grabbing stops recognized within the cosmos. find out about gadgets close by inside of our sun approach (our yard in area, so that you could converse) in addition to wonders which are stumbled on in the course of the Milky approach galaxy and past (the so much far-off and unique lands to explore). observed through excellent images that deliver the interpreting adventure to shiny, quick lifestyles, Your price tag to the Universe is designed to create space exploration available to each person. Your price ticket to the Universe outlines the necessities someone must comprehend, whereas piquing the reader's interest to benefit extra.

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