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By Margaret Bunson

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF old EGYPT is the 1st single-volume reference advisor to the notable tradition that flourished at the banks of the Nile from the predynastic interval, 3200 B.C., to the autumn of the hot country in 1070 B.C.
Illustrated with greater than a hundred seventy five line drawings, maps, and time charts, over 1,500 entries span the entire gods, rulers, towns, and issues very important in old Egypt, including:
-Art and Architecture
-The Sphinx
-The Military
In addition, a number of huge essays on such key subject matters as astronomy, mortuary rituals, agriculture, extra remove darkness from this interesting interval of civilization.

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Whilst Caesar used to be assassinated in forty four B. C. E. , Octavian, as he used to be referred to as then, allied himself with Marc ANTONY and Lepidus within the resulting civil battle opposed to his uncle’s murderers, Brutus, Cassius, and the socalled Liberators. The political alliance among Octavian and Antony collapsed in 31 B. C. E. , and Octavian, aided by means of Marcus AGRIPPA and others, got down to break Marc Antony and CLEOPATRA VII (51–30 B. C. E. ). successful the conflict of ACTIUM, Octavian occupied ALEXANDRIA and watched the suicides of Egypt’s final queen-pharaoh, Cleopatra VII, and Marc Antony. He refused to honor the APIS BULL in SAQQARA and the mummies of historical pharaohs. Reportedly he did contact the physique of ALEXANDER III the good, inflicting a bit of the preserved nostril to fall off the physique. Augustus did travel the Nile Valley, and he began courses of fix at the irrigation procedure, utilizing Roman troops to make the mandatory alterations. 60 Auibre Khem or Khenty-Irty. Monuments honoring Horus have been erected at Ausim by way of NECHO II (r. 610–596 B. C. E. ), PSAMMETICHUS II (r. 595–589 B. C. E. ), HAKORIS (r. 393–380 B. C. E. ), and NECTANEBO I (r. 380–362 B. C. E. ). aut This was once the traditional Egyptian identify for the funerary choices for the deceased, while such choices might be afforded through the relations, or shrunk sooner than loss of life. The priesthood maintained designated teams of knowledgeable officers who provided items to the deceased as a part of MORTUARY RITUALS. auta the traditional Egyptian identify for the cobra, the god- A silver denarius struck to rejoice the victory of Octavian (Augustus) and his conquest of Egypt in 30 B. C. E. (Courtesy historic cash, Inc. ) Augustus made Egypt an imperial property of Rome and got down to rule the biggest empire in that ancient interval. He introduced peace and prosperity to Rome and maintained the provinces securely. The Altar of Peace, erected in thirteen B. C. E. in Rome’s Campus Martius, and the Monument Ancyranum, erected in Ankara (modern Turkey), offer facts of his powerful imaginative and prescient and his cautious rebuilding and management of the empire. Octavian, as Augustus, died in Rome in 14 C. E. Augustus’s annexation of Egypt used to be an important flow, and he dealt with the Roman profession of the Nile Valley with tact and with an expertise of the land’s background and capability prosperity. Giving Egypt the prestige of an imperial property, a private ownership of the reigning emperor, he utilized a prefect to control in his identify. This prefecture was once open in simple terms to individuals of the Equestrian Knighthood. He additionally decreed that no Roman of the Senatorial or Equestrian periods may well input Egypt with out the emperor’s own permission. The Egyptians reconciled themselves to the political adjustments and grew to become inward back, forming solid NOMES and leaders that persisted the Roman presence, the taxes, and the duties. Auibre (fl. twenty sixth century B. C. E. ) Prince of the Fourth Dynasty He was once the son of Prince DJEDEFHOR (c. 2530 B. C. E. ). The directions of Djedefhor was once addressed to him. Auibre was once the grandson of KHUFU (Cheops). Prince Auibre was once recommended to marry and to elevate up “stout sons” for Egypt.

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