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By Gary Holian, Frederick Weining

Welcome to the area of the D&D game!

The Dungeons & Dragons international is a spot the place robust creatures contest with usual women and men in a sophisticated conflict pitting sturdy agasint evil, legislation opposed to chaos.

It is an international of magic, an international of puzzle, a global of amazing event -- all a backdrop on your personal adventures.

Inside is every little thing you must release your personal model of the 1st crusade international, together with:

- A full-color map of the land of the Flanaess, additionally exhibiting the continentes and seas of the planet Oerth.
- a brief heritage of the land.
- Descriptions of 60 international locations, prepared for experience

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Irongate is known for caliber iron ore, mining, and metalwork. Irongate weaponsmiths are in most cases thought of the easiest within the Flanaess. a few humans declare that the Mayor should be greater than he appears—perhaps now not human, or perhaps really humanoid. not anyone has ever overtly faced Darg at the topic. luz, Empire of right identify: Empire of luz Ice Barbarians right identify: country of the Cruski Ruler: luz the previous, Lord of Evil [CE Half-Fiend male human] executive: Dictatorship, without delay governed by way of luz Ruler: His so much Ferocious Majesty, Lolgoff Bearhear, the King of Cruski, Fasstal of the entire Suelii [CN male human] towns: Dorakaa (M) executive: self sufficient feudal monarchy with hereditary rulership, even though with little genuine regulate over jarls, who act independently of each other; king controls the realm now not exported inhabitants: Orc 45%, Human 25%, Hobgoblin 10%, Halfling round the capital and farms inside 30-50 miles towns: Glot (SC); Jotsplat (LT) Law:CE Allies: None Enemies: such a lot sane beings of Oerth count number luz as their enemy; assets: Furs, copper, gemstones (I), infrequent wooden (sablewood, no longer exported) -i assets: Furs, electrum, silver, foodstuffs; assets scarce, 5%, Half-ore 3%, Gnome 2%, different 10% all worry him. - Dedicated to self-serving evil and pursuit of strength, the demigod luz ideas the empire that bears his identify. His armies occupy even his personal land as though it have been a antagonistic kingdom wanting to be conquered. luz doesn't hesitate to prey at the susceptible and has made numerous makes an attempt to overcome surrounding geographical regions. His empire at present encompasses the Land of luz, the Horned Lands, the defend Lands, the Bandit Lands, and the Barren Lands. due to using the criminal of Rao (see bankruptcy 2), such a lot of luz's fiends were pushed out of Greyhawk. This surprising lack of demonic help has led to low morale between his final troops and revolts all through his regime. The kingdoms of Furyondy and Veluna, sworn to totally damage luz and his empire, are utilizing this chance to strike opposed to him. Keoland right identify: country of Keoland Ruler: His Peerless Majesty, the King of Keoland, Kimbertos Scotti [LG male human] govt: Feudal monarchy with rulership that passes among a number of royal homes towns: Niole Dra (M); Cryllor (SC), Flen (LC), Gradsul (M) assets: Foodstuffs, fabric, gold, gem stones (III) inhabitants: Human 40%, Elf 20%, Gnome 18%, Halfling 15%, Half-elf 5%, Dwarf 2% legislations: NG Allies: Gran March, Sterich, the Ulek states, Geoff exiles, Bissel Enemies: The Pomarj, Empire of luz, Scarlet Brotherhood, evil humanoids and giants in Crystalmists and in other places, Sea A former province of Zeif, Ket is the crossroads among east and west, a mix of peoples and traditions. The feudal monarchy keeps robust army and non secular traditions within the worship of Al'Akbar. whereas heredity permits one the chance to rule, energy and religion has to be confirmed ahead of one gets the titles of Beygraf and guard. The clergy of Ket is intertwined with its army hierarchy.

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