Download E-books Path of Magic: A Character Resource for Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards (Legends & Lairs, d20 System) PDF

By Sam Witt, James Maliszewski, Shaun Cashman, Brian Patterson

• 10 distinct mythical periods, new thoughts for high-level characters who need to make a real impression on their global
• nine new status periods, each one with a distinct association and instructions for integrating it together with your crusade
• greater than 3 dozen new feats, together with new metamagic and distinctive feats that improve the strengths of spellcasting characters
• numerous exchange middle periods that may be used so as to add style to characters from 1st to twentieth point
• New principles for bardic functionality types that improve and differentiate bards that dance, sing, chant, or play an device
• Eldritch staffs, a brand new kind of magic merchandise that grows with its wielder in energy and concentration
• Mystical performances that rework bards from mere bystanders to lively individuals within the magic being wielded round them
• Magical traditions, colleges of arcane suggestion that train their scholars particular magical powers and philosophies
• New templates describing the advantages and disadvantages for characters who sign up for a firm
• Expendable foci, a brand new form of magic merchandise that is helping arcane spellcasters keep watch over and form the uncooked forces of the magic they wield

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Outdoors the tower, even though, the spellcaster needs to pay a couple of XP equivalent to 1/10th the price of a spell’s part if he casts it with fabrics from this room. For parts costing under 10 gp, the adventure expense is 1 XP. The spellcaster may well make a decision on the time he casts the spell even if to attract upon the ability of this room. while this chamber is entire, the landlord of the tower earnings keep watch over over any undead created in the tower and is ready to retain keep watch over over 10 HD worthy of undead in step with point, so long as the entire undead have been created in the bounds of the tower. those undead don't count number opposed to the conventional restrict of undead the caster can keep watch over due to the animate lifeless spell, that is nonetheless restricted to two HD consistent with caster point. observe that undead created within the tower can't live to tell the tale greater than 1d6 days outdoors of the tower. Necromantic Pit whilst this room is finished, the spellcaster may perhaps scribe the create undead and create higher undead spells into his spellbooks, supplied he's in a position to solid 6th-level and 8th-level Necromancy spells. If he isn't in a position to solid such spells on the time the room is completed, these spells can be made on hand basically after he reaches definitely the right point. From that time onward, the spellcaster is ready to memorize and forged those spells as though they have been arcane spells so long as the pit remains stuffed. bankruptcy 4: The Spellcaster’ s international measurement: 1,000 sq. ft. price: 50,000 gp; 5,000 xp. Prerequisite: power Conversion Chamber. This super strong room supplies arcane spellcasters entry to necromantic spells previously reserved for the brokers of the divine – create undead and create larger undead. The pits needs to be stuffed on a regular basis with the corpses of clever creatures. whereas those could be our bodies from creatures who die of usual reasons, they have to be rather clean (dead in the month ahead of they're positioned in the pit). each month, the pit calls for the corpses of at the very least 20 HD of clever creatures. If the pit isn't really crammed every month, its powers are unavailable to the spellcaster for the remainder of the month and for every extra month during which the pit isn't stuffed. Necromantic garage dimension: 2,000 sq. toes. rate: 25,000 gp; 1,000 xp. Prerequisite: Necromantic concentration. ordinarily positioned in an remoted quarter of the tower, necromantic garage rooms are convenient for holding lifeless our bodies clean and prepared to be used within the necromantic pits. Any corpse positioned during this room should be stored clean because the day during which it's positioned right here and no time is taken into account to have handed for the corpse until eventually it truly is got rid of. that's, a corpse put during this room days after its loss of life will stay as clean because it was once on the time it used to be placed the following till this sort of time because it is got rid of; at present it maintains decomposing as basic. as well as holding the our bodies from decay, the chamber additionally preserves them in time to be used in necromantic rituals – irrespective of how lengthy a physique continues to be during this chamber, for the needs of all spells facing the lifeless, the physique is taken into account to just were lifeless for the quantity of time handed sooner than it was once installed this room.

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