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  • Set the scene for the Serpent’s cranium experience course or paint a brilliant backdrop for millions of untold wasteland adventures with this wide-ranging jungle campaigning sourcebook.
  • Learn the negative secrets and techniques that lurk less than the darkened cover of the Screaming Jungle, dare the treacherous territory of the Gorilla King, and discover the fallen air-cities of long-dead cultures! become aware of the secrets and techniques to surviving within the opposed Mwangi Jungle — and the way to make it a memorable hazard for avid gamers. Unearth lore in regards to the unfamiliar beings who reside within the Mwangi expanse and their even stranger deities. All this and extra awaits during this assessment of the Mwangi Expanse, an unmapped eco-friendly hell within the southern reaches of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade Setting.

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